Musical Theater & Theatre Class of 2020 Showcase

Musical Theater & Theatre Class of 2020 Showcase
Musical Theatre students


Rider University's Westminster College of the Arts congratulates our B.F.A. in Musical Theatre and B.A. Acting Majors Class of 2020!

Here they are showcasing their talent with a Virtual Senior Song and individual video song and dance performances. Click on a headshot to view their performances.

Listen to the Rider Class of 2020 Virtual Senior Song Opening Medley

  • Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing Words And Music by Stevie Wonder (All Rights permitted by Sony ATV)
  • Ready Words and Music by Joey Contreras (All rights permitted by artist), Musical Arrangement by Rider Student Dean Klebonis.

Contact: Robin Lewis [email protected] or [email protected]
Live Showcase will be in the Fall: TBD

Meet our Students

Headshot of Alexis Hasbrouck

Alexis Hasbrouck Showcase: Dance

Alexis Hasbrouck Showcase: Voice

Headshot of Amy Knips

Amy Knips Showcase: Dance

Amy Knips Showcase: Voice

Headshot of Bailey Kote

Bailey Kote Showcase: Dance

Bailey Kote Showcase: Voice

Headshot of Cassandra Gauthier

Cassandra Gauthier Showcase: Dance

Cassandra Gauthier Showcase: Voice

Headshot of Danielle O'Connor

Danielle O'Connor Showcase: Dance

Headshot of Etta Grover

Etta Grover Showcase: Dance

Etta Grover Showcase: Voice

Headshot of Fafa Shaeffer

Fafa Shaeffer Showcase: Dance

Fafa Shaeffer Showcase: Voice

Headshot of Ireland Tarpey

Ireland Tarpey Showcase: Monologue

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Headshot of Jason Quakenbush

Jason Quackenbush Showcase: Dance

Jason Quackenbush Showcase: Voice

Headshot of Jordan Reeder

Jordan Reeder Showcase: Voice

Jordan Reeder Showcase: Dance

Headshot of Julia Mandelbaum

Julia Mandelbaum Showcase: Dance

Julia Mandelbaum Showcase: Voice

Headshot of Kelsey Kilpatrick

Kelsey Kilpatrick Showcase: Monologue

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Headshot of Meredith Mehegan

Meredith Mehegan Showcase: Dance

Meredith Mehegan Showcase: Voice

Headshot of Mia Ellis

Mia Ellis Showcase: Monologue

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Headshot of Wyatt Slone

Wyatt Slone Showcase: Dance

Wyatt Slone Showcase: Voice