Class of 2019
Majors: Marketing and finance
Hometown: Lima, Peru

What attracted you to Rider?

When applying to schools, I already had a mental criteria of what kind of college I wanted to immerse myself in. The college of my dreams I knew needed these components: a relatively small school, heavily involved in sports, has everything convenient on campus, experiences the four seasons, and most of all has a close-knit community that integrates and empowers networking.

What are your career aspirations?

During my time in high school I started one of my own businesses in Lima, Peru. I knew coming into college I wanted to learn more about starting my own business, so I decided to pursue an entrepreneurship major. However, that all changed. Even though someone can teach you so much about starting your own company, the best teacher will forever be experience. In that case, I started a clothing company during my time in college and learned even more about handling your own business. Throughout it all I learned that the most important factors in starting a company is being able to surpass failure and of course understand the aspects of marketing and finance. That is why I am now a finance and marketing double major. I know one day I will start another business, but in the meantime I would like to learn more about finance and marketing within a big company.

What role has donor support played in helping you attain a Rider education?

Donors have assisted me well through my scholarships and financial aid in order to attend Rider. I was able to receive the Founder's Award scholarship and some more financial aid throughout my college career.

What have been the most impactful academic or extracurricular experiences at Rider?

Coming into college I would classify myself as being more so of an introvert. I began meeting people and getting involved through our men's club soccer team here on our Rider campus. This helped me meet people with similar interests with me. Soon it allowed me to branch out into other organizations such as Sigma Phi Epsilon. Furthermore, I then began to branch out to become a tour guide on campus and then a student ambassador. During my college career all these extracurricular activities have allowed me to grow into the more outgoing and extroverted person I am today.

If given the chance to thank the donors who support the University, what would you say to them?

I would greatly thank them for their generosity to help students have the opportunity to afford college and pursue their career aspirations. The bottomline is that their aid goes a long way and that we the students are very grateful for their help.