The Kevin W. Arruda Endowed Scholarship

Robert W. Gardner

The John Gaius and Ruth Allgyer Baumgartner Endowed Scholarship

George W. and Carolyn Baumgartner ’56 Bashore

The Molly and Ward Bedford Endowed Voice Scholarship

Henry W. and Sara J. Bedford II

The Ludmila S. and J. Truman Bidwell Jr. Fund in Memory of Katharine Bidwell Endowed Scholarship


The President Lee Hastings Bristol Jr. Endowed Scholarship

Bristol Family 2015 Charitable Lead Annuity Trust

The Fred N. and Ruth I. Buch Endowed Scholarship

Fred N. ’59 and Ruth I. Buch

The Franklin Cannon Musicianship Award

Stefan H. Young

The Cestone Foundation CoOPERAtive at Westminster Program

The Ralph M. Cestone Foundation, Inc.

The Paul W. Chase Endowed Scholarship in Music Education

Reynold L. and Katherine C. Caleen Jr.
Harriet R. Chase

The Choral Music Institute at Oxford Program

John G. and Louise Hall Beard
Joseph G. ’59 and Sara R. Beck
Betty Carpenter
Stephen R. Carpenter ’68
Philip R. Frowery ’66
GIA Publications, Inc.
James M. and Leslie Jordan
Cynthia Machinski Regan ’97
Becky Parrish Wright ’68
Janet M. Yamron

The Lindsey Christiansen Art Song Festival Endowed Fund

Wallace M. and Alice Alston
Knud A. Christiansen
John and Ann Gearen
Marianne O’Bara
Ouida E. Oliver
Anne Lyons Smith

The Class of 1962 50th Reunion Endowed Scholarship

Stanley R. ’62, ’63 and Jane Herwig ’62, ’63 Scheer
Virginia Baxter Stone ’62

The James R. ’47 and Hattie Plante ’46 Copeland Endowed Scholarship for Sacred Music

Hattie Plante Copeland ’46*

The Gwynn Moose Cornell Endowed Award

Anthony Ernish
Richard and Molly Cornell Connors

The Theos E. Cronk Endowed Scholarship

William M. Leach*
Estate of William M. Leach

The Damien Dixon Memorial Endowed Piano Scholarship

Benjamin and Taubyl Bell
George P. Borisov
John T. and Deborah J. Bridgewater
Alexander Chen and Weili Ying
Sarah Chen
Susan C. Colby
Howard H. and Julia L. Fang
Jena E. Fox
Schaen D. and Vicki F. ’85 Fox
Friends of Damien Dixon
Yi-an Fu ’95
Fangming Gan
Eduardo and Antonina Garcia
Golden Key Music Festival
Peter K. and Carol L. Gruninger
Nitin Gupta
Yong Han
Daniel Horchler
Courtney L. Kaita
Robert Kaita and Chiu-Tze Lin
Helen W. Kim
Larissa G. Korwin
Wei Le
Paul and Phyllis Lehrer
Chang Liu
Hongchuan Liu and Hong Xiao
The Liu Family
Lillian G. Livingston
Melvin Mack and Ingrid B. Clarfield
Joan R. Marr
Steven J. and Dee Dee C. McKee
Shu Yi Ni
Carol J. Olson ’94
Jonathan R. and Sabina P. Pieslak
Melissa Ribeiro
Michael J. Rutkowski ’91, ’95 and Timothy W. Harper
Dmitry and Inessa A. Shindel
Todd G. Simmons
Betty H. and Robert H. Stoloff
Lee S. Summers
Dan Sun and Zhigang Hao
Bob Thomson
Richard A. and Dawn R. van den Heuvel
Dongmei Wang
Hongzhou Wang
Yousheng Xu

The Yolanda Dowling ’81 Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Junior Women’s Club of Bellerose
David R. Murray ’81

The J. Donald Dumpson Scholarship

Vinroy D. Brown Jr. ’15
Robert S. and Ellen P. Keleman
Sharon S. Twaddell
Kimberly Van Auken

The Andrew L. and Helen Kanady Flanagan Scholarship

The Dayton Foundation
Andrew L. Flanagan ’49*

The Joseph Flummerfelt Endowed Choral Scholarship

Helen Dersham Anthony ’76
Steven M. Brennfleck ’04, ’06
Yong-Chol and Mi-Hye Chyun
Eric T. ’84 and Carol Smith ’87 Houghton

The Jean E. Frantz ’53 Organ Scholarship

Estate of Jean E. Frantz ’53

The Philip R. Frowery Organ Scholarship in honor of Joan Lippincott

Philip R. Frowery ’66

The Edwin B. Garrigues Foundation Scholarship

The Edwin B. Garrigues Foundation

The Gindhart Piano Scholarship

Mary G. Roebling Musical Scholarship Fund, Inc.

The Graham-Stahl Piano Scholarship

Mary G. Roebling Musical Scholarship Fund, Inc.

The Guitars of Westminster Fund

Avis J. Hofstad
Mark Johnstone

The Lois Totten Hawkins ’55 Memorial Voice Scholarship

Estate of Lois Totten Hawkins ’55

The William Paul Hays Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Bruce Dersch ’75

The Hoke Church Music Composition Award

Carlton E. and Mary E. Hoke

The Geraldine H. Holbert Endowed Voice Scholarship

Estate of Geraldine H. Holbert

The George and Lucile Lynn Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Henley H. Denmead Jr. ’64
Helen H. Hughlett
Christina Lynn-Craig
Harold E. Palvesky and Lorna A. Lynn

The Leonard B. and Lucile G. Martin Endowed Voice Scholarship

David E. Martin
David E. Martin Architects

The Alexander McCurdy Endowed Scholarship

James A. ’57, ’58 and Norma Read ’58 Chidester

The New Jersey Music Teachers Association, Inc. Scholarship

New Jersey Music Teachers Association

The Catherine Noble Papas “Keep the World Singing” Scholarship

John W. and Jan P. Gramer

The PNC Daycare Music Program

PNC Foundation

The LoRean Hodapp Powell Voice Award

Mark W. and Sheryle L. Hodapp

The Presser Undergraduate Scholar Award

The Presser Foundation

The Dr. Charles H. Schisler Endowed Scholarship

Rebecca Robison Field ’71

The George W. Sergeant Memorial for the Arts and Education Scholarship

Hampton Roads Community Foundation

The Priscilla K. Silz Endowed Scholarship

Quentin ’65 and Mary Bennett ’66 Faulkner

The Herbert L. Teat Memorial Scholarship

Brenda C. Fallon

The Thomas A. Van Vranken Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Robert E. Van Vranken and Lori S. Liebert

The Stelios and Sofia Vassos Prize in French Melodies

George S. Vassos ’52, ’53

The Westminster Choir College D. DeWitt Wasson Organ Maintenance Fund

The D. Dewitt and Josephine D. Wasson Charitable Fund of InFaith Community Foundation
Estate of D. Dewitt Wasson

The Westminster College of the Arts EOP Academic Support Award

Michael J. Rutkowski ’91, ’95 and Timothy W. Harper

The Westminster Endowed Scholarship

Midge Faubion Olsen ’70

The John Finley Williamson Music Education Scholarship

Janelle Kaufmann ’15
Stephen R. Cyphers and Susan J. Redcay ’74
Stephen A. ’67 and Charlene Debes ’67 Weicksel

The Hedley E. Yost Graduate Organ Scholarship

Hedley E. Yost ’57, ’59 and Gordon J. Dean

The Ruth and Raymond Young Composition Awards

Stefan H. Young

The Harold Zabrack Endowed Piano Scholarship

Goldie M. Levinson