Gifts of $100,000 or more

Estate of Frances B. Gray
Estate of Geraldine H. Holbert
Robert S. ’87 and Janet L. Schimek

Gifts of $25,000 to $99,999

Estate of Lois Totten Hawkins ’55
Betty Wold Johnson
Robert Wood Johnson III
The New York Community Trust
PNC Foundation
Princeton Area Community Foundation, Inc.

Gifts of $10,000 to $24,999

The Brownington Foundation
The Ralph M. Cestone Foundation, Inc.
Estate of Jean E. Frantz ’53
The Edwin B. Garrigues Foundation
Robert J. Glynn ’50
Robert E. Hedlund
InFaith Community Foundation
Estate of William M. Leach
William M. Leach*
Joseph J. and Nancy B. Maggio
James H. and Jane V. McGraw IV
Howard and Clare T. McMorris II
Richard J. ’60 and Lindsey W. Moynihan
Thomas M. ’70 and Tina B. Mulhare
PNC Financial Services Group
Michael J. Rutkowski ’91, ’95 and Timothy W. Harper
Vanguard Charitable
Estate of D. Dewitt Wasson
The D. Dewitt and Josephine D. Wasson Charitable Fund of InFaith Community Foundation

Gifts of $5,000 to $9,999

John G. and Louise Hall Beard
J. Truman and Ludmila Bidwell Jr.
Cambridge School
James A. ’57, ’58 and Norma Read ’58 Chidester
Knud A. Christiansen
Peter A. and Elizabeth S. Cohn Foundation, Inc.
Hattie Plante Copeland ’46*
Jeffrey M. Cornelius ’70
Lincoln E. and Molly O’Neil Frank
Philip R. Frowery ’66
GIA Publications, Inc.
David L. Grossman
Gary A. ’66 and Arlene Klingbeil ’65 Hall
Hillman Family Foundations
Instinet Holdings, Inc.
Jonathan D. and Elyse Meer
New Jersey Chamber of Commerce
James D. and Deborah C. Peters
Mary G. Roebling Musical Scholarship Fund, Inc.
Runestone Family Foundation
Christopher B. Samuel ’80, ’82
Judith D. Scheide
Juliet L. Simonds
Sharon S. Twaddell
J. William Uhrig and Anastasia P. Vournas
The Uhrig/Vournas Charitable Fund of Vanguard Charitable
Vision Board, LLC
Stefan H. Young

Gifts of $2,500 to $4,999

The George Backer Family Foundation, Inc.
Joseph G. ’59 and Sara R. Beck
Bryn Mawr Trust Company
Marilyn Young Crooker ’65
Robert C. and Leslie L. Doll Jr.
Daniel B. ’12 and Mary Hewlett ’13 Elder
Timothy O. and Audrey Hillman Fisher
Gladys Hahn Putscher Trust
Gregory H. and Elise Hillman Green
Peter A. and Nancy A. Grove
The Audrey Hillman Fisher Foundation, Inc.
Henry L. Hillman Jr.
Henry Lea Hillman Jr. Foundation
Marsha Gaynor Lewis
The Nelson Mead Fund
Nelson S. and Elizabeth L. Mead Jr.
Ruth C. Mead
The Presser Foundation
Mark F. ’74 and Dawn Cooper ’78 Rosso
Joseph and Jane ’66 Shaulis
Talbott L. and Carter Brooks Simonds
Robert E. Van Vranken and Lori S. Liebert
Elizabeth Walsh
Stephen A. ’67 and Charlene Debes ’67 Weicksel
Becky Parrish Wright ’68
Hedley E. Yost ’57, ’59 and Gordon J. Dean

Gifts of $1,000 to $2,499

Alex Williams Family Fund of the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay
Eleanor Campbell Bailey ’49
Arnold B. Rabson and Barbara A. Barnett
George W. and Carolyn Baumgartner ’56 Bashore
David C. and Juanell N. Boyd
Bristol Family 2015 Charitable Lead Annuity Trust
Michael S. Burnette ’81
Anthony M. Celentano ’78, ’80
Albert C. and Li H. Chen
James D. ’74, ’97 and Janet Riedinger ’72, ’74 Christman
Community Foundation of Tampa Bay
Cheryl Clark Crews ’69
Allen C. ’59 and Phyllis Merry ’90 Crowell
Walter J. P. and Mary W. Curley
Walter R. Darr ’78, ’91

The Dayton Foundation
Henley H. Denmead Jr. ’64
Ellasonand Molly Laird Downs Perpetual Charitable Trust
Richard R. Fisher ’87, ’90
Andrew L. Flanagan ’49*
Gene Forish ’80
Robert W. Gardner
Suzanne Gates ’83
Hisako Glicksman
John W. and Jan P. Gramer
James S. Grant ’65
Lee R. Hagen and Mary G. Mead-Hagen
William and Leita Hamill
James F. Hejduk ’66
Eric T. ’84 and Carol Smith ’87 Houghton
Eric Hung
Sam Hutcheson ’79
Robert A. ’58, ’59 and Shirley M. Ivey Jr.
John J. and Laura D. Jackson
Michael W. Jacobsen and Danielle S. Sinclair
James M. and Leslie Jordan
William D. Kelley Jr. ’65
Sarah Khan
Gail Kohn ’78
Koji Kubota
Melvin Mack and Ingrid B. Clarfield
Jean B. Mahoney
David E. Martin
David E. Martin Architects
H.T. Mead Foundation
David R. Murray ’81
New Jersey Music Teachers Association
Marshall and Susan Onofrio
John J. and Catharine O’Rourke
Penry and Melissa Price
Princeton Friends of Opera
Robert W. ’85 and Alicia Campiglia ’79 Prowse
Marlene L. Rathnum
David L. and Joan R. Rosenfeld
Stephen C. ’98 and Kristin Zdepski ’98 Sands
Martin W. and Judith G. Schwartz
Sandra R. Scime
Juliet Lea Hillman Simonds Foundation
David J. ’69 and Kathryn Barr ’69 Smith
Marjorie R. Smith
Lawrence and Donna Steele
Louise H. Stephaich
The Nelson Talbott Foundation
Bob Thomson
George S. Vassos ’52, ’53
Alex and Sue Williams
Mark L. Williams ’80 and J. Jay Smith ’77
Annmarie Woods
J. Rogers and Lorraine P. Woolston
Eric A. Zeliff ’73