Summa Cum Laude

25 or more years of consecutive giving
Anonymous (2)
Virginia Ruth Aronson ’77
Eleanor Campbell Bailey’49
George W. and Carolyn Baumgartner’56 Bashore
Joseph G.’59 and Sara R. Beck
Henry W. and Sara J. Bedford
Cordelia Parks Bergamo’71
John W. and Janice Silcox’55 Bonge
David C. and Juanell N. Boyd
Michael S. Burnette’81
Anthony M. Celentano’78,’80
Harriet R. Chase
James A.’57,’58 and Norma Read’58 Chidester
Christy Dyer Chitwood’77
Knud A. Christiansen
James D.’74,’97 and Janet Riedinger’72,’74 Christman
James L.’69 Lois Nelson’69 Clark
Robert N.’50 and Ida-Anne H. Clarke
Mark A.’79 and Lisa A. Cleveland
Clarence L. Cloak’71,’74
Charlotte Hays Comisky’66
Cheryl Clark Crews’69
Marilyn Young Crooker’65
Allen C.’59 and Phyllis Merry’90 Crowell
Robert A.’66 and Nancy Via’69 Davidson
June E. Day’62
Kenneth A.’69 and Sharon McCann’69 DeBoer
Dwight and Mary Freeman’51 Degener
Lee S.’63 and Janet C. Dettra
Henry A. and Ann Moyer’55,’57 Emmans
Valeria Gable Eshelman’57
Quentin’65 and Mary Bennett’66 Faulkner
Richard R. Fisher’87,’90
Philip R. Frowery’66
Peter B.’68 and Faith Smith’68 Furbush
Gary D. Grant’71
James S. Grant’65
Terry Madeira Harsney’66
Elmer Heerema Jr.’61
James F. Hejduk’66
Janet Obetz Hofmeister’57
Eric T.’84 and Carol Smith’87 Houghton
Ellen Barton Hunt’59
Amy Park Jones’49
Daniel I.’65 and Doris Kaplan
Michael B.’72,’75 and Debra McMahon’72 Kennedy
Lois Laverty’51,’55
Howard and Clare T. McMorris II
Mutsumi Moteki’88
Thomas M.’70 and Tina B. Mulhare
Jean Orphan Nilsen’48
John D.’82 and Martha Huddleston’82 Nowik
Carolee Gans Pastorius’67
Gilbert C. Pirovano’52
Hal’50 and Gladys Diehl’49 Reichard
Robert Riggs’66
Betsy Rydell Roll’66
Mark F.’74 and Dawn Cooper’78 Rosso
William M.’69 and Joan E. Rue
Michael J. Rutkowski’91,’95 and Timothy W. Harper
Christopher B. Samuel’80,’82
Stanley R.’62,’63 and Jane Herwig’62,’63 Scheer
Eugene W. Schweitzer’57
Michelle Farrier Seaboch’86
Anne M. Sears
Juliet L. Simonds
Douglas Slusher’69
Kathryn L. Strohm
H. Holloway Brown Sunderland’81
June Frank Tipton’57
James A. Wallace’77
Mark L. Williams’80 and J. Jay Smith’77
Becky Parrish Wright’68
Randall D. Yoder’78

Magna Cum Laude

15 to 24 years of consecutive giving
John W. Absalom and Margaret Cusack
Stephen L. Adler
Edward Allred II’92
Frank M. and Johanna Berman
Ronn Carroll’56,’58
G. Robert Chambless’66
Richard L. ’58,’62 and Rita Padilla’58 Cummins
Micaela de Lignerolles
Bruce Dersch’75
Ilsa M. Dickinson’67
Patricia A. Dunkin’73
G. Donald Dyer’57
Elem H. and Miriam H. Eley
Thomas E. Faracco’71,’79
Constance Fee’71
Lincoln E. and Molly O’Neil Frank
George H. Fuchs’57,’58
Marilyn High Gilbert’56
Gregory H.’56 and Betty Caldwell’54,’55 Goida
Gregory H. and Elise Hillman Green
Peter A. and Nancy A. Grove
Lee R. Hagen and Mary G. Mead-Hagen
P. Randolph Hill
Carlton E. and Mary E. Hoke
Fred L. Kelly’57
Koji Kubota
Carolyn Bovey McCright’56
Michael R.’61,’68 and Helen Keaton’62,’80 Petrin
Mordechai and Bonnie Rozanski
Gary L.’72 and Stacy Shapiro
Louise H. Stephaich
Howard C. Tate’56
Janet Mann Thomas’59
George S. Vassos’52,’53
Matthew D. Wary’00
Stephen A.’67 and Charlene Debes’67 Weicksel
Eric A. Zeliff’73

Cum Laude

Five to 14 years of consecutive giving
Katharine A. Albe’02
Marina Alexander
Mary T. Amato
Clayton M. and Barbara J. Anderson
Jason Asbury’97
John G. and Louise Hall Beard
J. Truman and Ludmila Bidwell Jr.
Michael B. Brooks’63
Nina Hicks Brown’66
James R. Busby’85,’92
Reynold L. and Katherine C. Caleen Jr.
Humphrey and Angela Chang
Albert C. and Li H. Chen
Yong-Chol and Mi-Hye Chyun
Linda Newtret Corder’69
Jacqueline A. Coren’94
Jeffrey M. Cornelius’70
W.J. Patrick Curley
Stephen R. Cyphers and Susan J. Redcay’74
Norma T. Dana
Sandra Deiter’70
Louise Schalow Del Vecchio’77
Robert C. and Leslie L. Doll Jr.
Anthony Ernish
Brenda C. Fallon
Anna M. Friars-Pinter’12
Robert W. Gardner
Henry F. Gehman’09
Roy D. and Nancy Taylor’75 Ginsburg
James E. Goldsworthy and Judith Bettina
William L. Gotmer’12
Harriette K. Greenblatt
Paul L.’79 and Donna Guyer
Robert E. Hedlund
Tod Hicks
Thomas Hitchcock III
Mark W. and Sheryle L. Hodapp
Eric Hung
Thomas and Marie L. Jablonski
John J. and Laura D. Jackson
Randy and Linda Jelmini
Betty Wold Johnson
Mark Johnstone
James M. and Leslie Jordan
Patricia Cawley Joyce’85
John F. and Pamela S. Kelsey III
Helen W. Kim
Sharon Ramsell Kinney’68
Marjory J. Klein
Kristian C. Kohler’13
Larissa G. Korwin
David M.’66 and Joan Clark’65 Kroehler
Samuel W. and Karen C. Lambert III
Judith Brown Lang’68
Paul and Phyllis Lehrer
Arthur F. Lesser III’67
Marsha Gaynor Lewis
Cynthia Yeats Linton’58
Edward H. and Lucretia A. Lipper
Lillian G. Livingston
Samuel A. and Judith G. Livingston
Anna K. Lustenberg
Thomas J.’75 and Patricia A. Lynch
Kathleen L. Machuzak
Melvin Mack and Ingrid B. Clarfield
Duncan L. and Nancy Stein’77 MacMillan
Joseph J. and Nancy B. Maggio
David E. Martin
John T.’65 and Marianne Roach’66 Martin
Carmen A. Mateiescu
Herbert B. Mayo
Robert A. McCormick’01
James H. and Jane V. McGraw IV
Anne and Robert Y. McMahan
Carol R. Miller
Roger G. Miller’70
George W. Moser’70
David R. Murray’81
Josephine A. Naretto
Elizabeth J. Nowik’13
Sherri Ontjes
John J. and Catharine O’Rourke
William Glenn Osborne’94
Harold E. Palvesky and Lorna A. Lynn
Janet Perkins
James D. and Deborah C. Peters
Woody and Jacquie Phares
Daniel J. Pinto and Margaret Solinger
Nancy T. Plum
Robert W.’85 and Alicia Campiglia’79 Prowse
Marlene L. Rathnum
Charles R. Renick’82
Alois Riederer
Celia D. Ryan
Joseph Scime
Sandra R. Scime
Joseph and Jane’66 Shaulis
Richard J. and Kathleen Ebling’85 Shaw
Carolyn Glenn Sielski’68
Judy Simmons’95
Talbott L. and Carter Brooks Simonds
Brenda Smith’80
Michael G. and Jody B. Stebbins
Howard B.’67 and Marietta C. Stoeckel
Mollie S. Stone’04
Caren Sturges
John D. and Sharon L. Sweet
James W. Terry’61,’63
Bob Thomson
David A.’89 and Anne Smith’88 Timpane
Elsie Fassbender Timpson’77
Laurel Becker Tompkins’66
Louis P. and Carolyn T. Torre
Candace B. Travis’90
Robert E. Van Vranken and Lori S. Liebert
George A. and Martha H. Vaughn
Jason D. Vodicka’03,’09 and Derek J. Cressman’04
Roger H.’87 and Barbara K. Wesby
Thornton H. Yancey