Gifts of $1,000,000 or more

Danaher Lynch Family Foundation
Estate of Jane G. Keller
Thomas J. ’75 and Patricia A. Lynch

Gifts of $250,000 to $999,999

James and Nancy Bush Charitable Fund of Schwab Charitable
James P. ’80 and Nancy V. Bush
Wayne and Jill Canastra Family Foundation, Inc.
Wayne J. ’72 and Jill Hammer ’72 Canastra
Estate of D. Virginia Hoagland ’42
Schwab Charitable

Gifts of $100,000 to $249,999

Estate of Lois Newkirk De Conca ’44
Fidelity Charitable
Allen C. ’62 and Bonnie Austin ’61 Haldeman
Independent College Fund of New Jersey
Michael C. Kelly and Joan C. Mazzotti ’72
Robert S. ’87 and Janet L. Schimek
Arthur J. ’65 and Lois Stainman

Gifts of $50,000 to $99,999

American Express Company
Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, Inc.
The Charlesmead Foundation, Inc.
The Deering Family
Estate of Frank N. and Betta Elliott
Estate of Angelo D. Giancarlo ’49
The Hagedorn Family
Robert Hagedorn Living Trust
Johnson & Johnson
Michael B. ’72, ’75 and Debra McMahon ’72 Kennedy
Martinson Family Foundation
John H. Martinson
John K. Martinson ’08
Herbert B. Mayo
William J. Millard ’57
New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company
The Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation
The New York Community Trust-John Robert Gregg Fund
William M. ’69 and Joan E. Rue
Anne Brossman Sweigart Charitable Foundation

Gifts of $25,000 to $49,999

Steven R. Beckett ’74 and Sharon A. McDonald-Beckett
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Robert L. Carter ’83
Howard ’71 and Randi B. Cohen
Keith N. ’84 and Christine Pindale ’85 DiGrazio
John M. ’82 and Cynthia H. Guarino
Daniel I. ’65 and Doris Kaplan
Lucille Previti Lupton Foundation, Inc.
Margaret A. McKechnie
Princeton Area Community Foundation, Inc.
Simons Foundation
Howard B. ’67 and Marietta C. Stoeckel

Gifts of $10,000 to $24,999

Ellen Cunningham Akmentins Fund
Bob ’49 and Clodagh Ash
Allen A. and Melanie Y. Boston
Michael P. ’76* and Anita Regan ’76, ’86 Brady
F. Christopher Carothers ’91, ’94
Mark A. Cortazzo
Daniel J. Cunningham
Greg G. and Polly Dell’Omo
E. Bruce DiDonato ’76 and Denise Agness
Doerler Landscapes, Inc.
Steven J. Doerler
EisnerAmper, LLP
Anne L. Freedman
The Anne & Gerald Freedman Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Robert J. Glynn ’50
Kevin G. Harding ’75
Eric ’88 and Cynthia Herr
Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
William H. ’79 and Ann Carpenter Kurtz
Barbara O. Long
The Nellie Mae Education Foundation, Inc.
Michael and Stacy Mattia
Mark R. and Julie S. McLaughlin
Richard J. ’60 and Lindsey W. Moynihan
Thomas M. ’70 and Tina B. Mulhare
Robert Sydney Needham Foundation
New Jersey Bankers Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Christopher ’92 and Bethann Fleming ’93 Nikolich
Old York Country Club at Chesterfield
Paul R. Olson ’49
Pepper Hamilton, LLP
PNC Financial Services Group
Michele A. Powers ’84
Christina Rogers Rayot ’97, ’05
Robert J. Glynn Fund of Fidelity Charitable
Michael J. Rutkowski ’91, ’95 and Timothy W. Harper
The Schulte Family
Spiezle Architectural Group, Inc.
Stephen J. Squeri
The Stephen J. Squeri Charitable Fund of Vanguard Charitable
Switzer Foundation
The Uncommon Individual Foundation
Terence H. ’87, ’90 and Carole Wheat
Wrestlers in Business Network, Inc.
Herbert R. ’50 and Joan Hatcliffe Young

Gifts of $5,000 to $9,999

Advantage Point Solution, LLC
American Chemical Society - Trenton Section
John C. ’91, ’97 and Nancy Elliott Aschmies ’92
Barclays Investment Bank
The Benevity Community Impact Fund of the American Endowment Foundation
Lloyd M. Berns ’69
Mark ’88 and Susan K. Brennan
C&W Services
The Carlson Family Foundation
James G. Carlson ’75
Russell B. Conklin ’79
Mark Cowell ’68, ’81
Kenneth J. and DonnaJean A. Fredeen
Daniel J. Geltrude ’87
Dennis ’61 and Lia Hahofer
Gary A. ’66 and Arlene Klingbeil ’65 Hall
John J. Henderson ’90
James R. Herdman ’90
Robert N. ’69 and Ann L. Herman
James J. Higgins ’80, ’90
Warren I. Hirschhorn ’73
Robert F. Hollenbach ’55
James V. ’82 and Colleen M. Ierubino
Raymond G. Kunz ’70
Paul J. ’68 and Stephanie Lang
Thomas J. ’69 and Joanne Marino
Joseph F. ’93 and Kiersty A. McDougall
Joseph and Kiersty McDougall Family Foundation of the Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund
Jonathan D. and Elyse Meer
Donald and Dorothy Monks Family Charitable Fund at Schwab
Donald R. ’70 and Dorothy K. Monks
Paul J. and Beverly Deren ’71 Muller
Paul J. Muller Jr. ’92
New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists
Kevin J. and Donna M. O’Hara
Denise A. Petitta ’86, ’91
Fred C. Piell ’92
Frank D. ’66 and Susan Markowitz Platt
Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company
Sherise Woodward Ritter ’84
Paul R. Roedel ’49
Gary L. ’72 and Stacy Shapiro
Sam Smith and Celeste Regan
Laurie Talarico
Team Toyota of Princeton
Amy Lou Waters
Daniel V. ’97 and Kristen Dembinsky ’98 Wilson
Randall R. Woodward ’89, ’91
Anthony A. Yoseloff
Anthony A. Yoseloff Fund of the Jewish Communal Fund

Gifts of $2,500 to $4,999

American Express PAC Match
G. Timothy ’83 and Lori B. Anderson
William J. and Barbara Leonard ’76 Anthony
AYCO Charitable Foundation
The George Backer Family Foundation, Inc.
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Alberto A. ’80 and Jacqueline Fields ’82 Baptiste
C.R. Bard Foundation, Inc.
Bonazzi Foundation for the Promotion of Science Education
John B. Brence and Julie A. Karns
Karen J. Candelori ’16
Celgene Corporation
Charlene M. Celona ’94
Rajeswararao and Radharao Chaganti
David L. and Rhonda R. Cohen
Charles T. Criniti ’71
Christopher J. Crosby
Walter J. Cyburt ’69
Robert L. D’Avanzo Jr.
Deloitte & Touche, LLP
Deloitte Services, LLP
Thomas S. DiLeonardo ’86
Timothy M. Donnelly ’79
Jonathan DuPuis
John F. ’88 and Lisa Fritsch ’88, ’94 Ennis
James J. and Lori O. Gavaghan
Gebroe Family Foundation
Alan S. ’71 and Robyn Post ’72 Gebroe
Neil F. Gerard ’89
Laura Glotzbach ’97
Alan R. ’68 and Susan B. Hammer and Family
Kenneth O. ’68 and Felice Faust ’71 Hassan
Michael J. ’82 and Patrice Shelmet ’82 Hennessy
Shannon L. Hodge
Yvonne O. Hodge
Peter C. Kellogg ’89
Christopher ’87 and Adrianne P. Koerner
Charles A. ’90 and Christina J. ’16 Lackey
Lyrics for Lucas Foundation
David L. and Amy B. Mandelbaum
Frank Marzano
Robert J. McDonnell ’93
MFP Apartments, LLC
MJH Healthcare Holdings, LLC
The Morrison Family
Stephen J. Muretta ’96
Gary F. ’76, ’82 and Joyce E. Neubeck
Larry M. and Cynthia Gerke ’89, ’91 Newman
Michael J. and Patricia L. Noon
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Novo Nordisk, Inc.
Mary E. O’Connor
Margaret O’Reilly-Allen
Brian J. ’89 and Kimberly Peretti
Thomas and Beth ’04 Perrino
Laird T. Poinsett ’70
PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLC
John S. Procaccini ’97
PSE&G Company Foundation
Barry S. and Amy Rabner
Clair M. ’63 and Jeanne L. Raubenstine
Gloria Rebovich*
Richmond Industries, Inc.
William N. Roell ’94 and Julie A. Luster-Roell ’05
Benita Larino Rommel ’66, ’00
Mark F. ’74 and Dawn Cooper ’78 Rosso
Mary Johnson Saunders ’78
Gregory N. ’79 and Diana L. Senkevitch
Thomas F. Splaine Jr. ’87, ’89
John R.* and Jodi M. Stover Jr.
Switlik Foundation
Matt T. and Tara Talbot
The UPS Foundation
Verizon New Jersey, Inc.
The Michael Paul Wein Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Wells Fargo Commercial Bank
Wilkin & Guttenplan, PC
David A. ’90 and Kristine McMonagle ’92 Williamson
Cheryl A. Wolf ’70

Gifts of $1,000 to $2,499

Anonymous (6)
A.N.A. Painting Corp.
Leon O. and Bobbi J. Aarts
Abrams Foundation
Accenture, LLP
Accurate Floor Care
Affiliated Management, Inc.
ALK Technologies, Inc.
Kathleen Allen
James S. ’88, ’90 and Dawn May ’88, ’90 Alpaugh
American Online Giving Foundation
Paul E. Anderson Jr. ’75
Ralph J. ’81 and Kathleen M. Anderson Jr.
Scott Anderson
Timothy Andree
ARAMARK Corporation
Joseph J. Arena Jr. ’77
Dick ’60 and Elsa Arndt
Vincent J. Aveni Jr. ’51
Robert E. and Carole D. Bailey
Charles A. and Isabel M. Baker
The Chuck and Isabel Baker Charitable Fund of the AYCO Charitable Foundation
Dominic H. ’73 and Joanne Marcantonio ’73 Balzano
Christine A. Barrett
Craig A. Becker ’72, ’84
Arthur W. Bell ’80
Benefit Design Specialists, Inc.
Joyce Hackett Benson ’86
John T. Bentley ’67
Joseph A. Billera ’52
BNY Mellon Community Partnership
Christopher J. ’91, ’02 and Laura Flemer ’16 Bond Jr.
Brian K. Boufarah ’93
George P. Boyle Jr. ’77
Daniel Brooks
Michael B. Brooks ’63
Joseph E. Brown ’64
Kristine A. Brown
BSI Construction, LLC
Michael W. Burak
Edward F. Burke ’56
Robert A. Carr and Lori J. Braender
Charitable Foundation of the Burns Family, Inc.
Cabot Family Donor Advised Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix, Inc.
Howard R. and Vicki Koppelman Cabot
William J. Caggiano ’74
Gregory A. ’92 and Melanie Calhoun
Sean W. Calhoun
Michael J. ’99 and Melissa Caravello
Joseph A. Casarella ’55
Robert A. Catelli
Central Jersey Waste and Recycling, Inc.
Michael E. Charles ’78
CohnReznick, LLP
Combined Business Group, Inc.
Community Foundation of New Jersey
Stephen J. Cosgrove ’77
Robert J. ’87 and Karen A. D’Addario
Walter R. Darr ’78, ’91
Marianne DeLorenzo ’85
Richard F. Denes ’76
Direct Supplies Warehouse, Inc.
DiSalvo Foundation
Joseph M. DiSalvo ’77
Robert S. DiSerafino Jr. ’80
Daniel C. ’67 and Elizabeth Dobas
David Dobkin and Suzanne R. Gespass
David Dobkin and Suzanne Gespass Fund of the Princeton Area Community Foundation, Inc.
John F. Dolan
Frank Donato ’82
Francis J. Dunn ’97
Douglas A. ’80 and Karen Markovits ’80 Dykstra
Thomas J. Dzurkoc ’79
Thomas Edison State University
Sandra Edmonds
Ellucian Company, LP
Estate of Mac D. Hunter ’56
Jacques and Nicole Favre
Christopher A. and Katherine Fazzini
Ronald S. Fecso Sr. ’72
Joseph T. ’62 and Phyllis Checchio ’64 Fiamma
Fisch Family Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey
Gary J. Fisch ’79
Gordon B. ’82 and Leslie Petersen ’92 Fisher
Frank V. and Carol Reo ’75 Floriani
Robert J. Florio ’77
Frank’s Tree Service, Inc.
John C. Gaudio ’87
Michael H. Gauthier
GB Design Consultants, LLC
Frank L. and Jane O. Giancola
Giginis, Inc.
George and Maria Giginis
Michael W. and Terri L. Goldberg
James E. Goldberger ’69
George A. Golden ’69, ’73
William O. ’61 and Carolyn Olt ’62 Gramlich
Greystone and Company, Inc.
GTR King, Inc.
Richard F. ’87 and Karen Contardo ’88 Guinness
Christian C. Hambach ’84, ’90
Nancy A. Haring ’76, ’80
John N. Harrison
Harrison-Hamnett, PC
The Hasson Family Trust
Joseph J. Hasson ’78 and Patricia L. Mazur-Hasson ’81
Frank A. and Kathleen ’83 Hayn
Timothy J. Heine
Charles J. ’87, ’94 and Margaret Wiechels ’87 Herman
Robert A. Hewlett ’73
Raymond A. Hiza ’69
Hoenemeyer Family Foundation
Frank J. Hoenemeyer
Arthur C. Holdsworth III ’70
Meghan A. Holohan ’99, ’01
Hough Petroleum
Gary W. Hough ’81
Gregory Hough
Joseph R. Hudicka ’93, ’00
Jackson W. and Alice Wagner ’80 Hufnagle
The Hunchar-Noe/Noe Family Charitable Fund of Vanguard Charitable
Frank ’76 and Valerie Huttle III
Friends of Valerie Vainieri Huttle for Assembly
Anthony J. Iacono ’76
IBM International Foundation
Peter A. ’60 and Geraldine Inverso
Iron Workers Local #399
J & R Painting Home Improvements, LLC
The Jewish Community Foundation, Inc.
Johnson & Johnson Consumer, Inc.
Charles E. Johnson ’70
Nancy J. Kalinak ’66, ’73
Dennis P. Kane ’70
Leslie ’60 and Barbara H. Kaplan
Garry M. Keel ’78
John W. ’70 and Karen D. Keithler
Frederick K. Kleen III ’73 and Virginia M. DeLalla
Gail Kohn ’78
John G. and Eileen R. Kostic
The John E. Kostic Memorial Foundation
Martin I. Krupnick and Jan Friedman-Krupnick
Megan Kuntze
Ilona Sledd LaChina ’74, ’79
Lakeland Bank
Barry B. Larner ’63
John C. Lauricella ’70
John C. ’66 and Laura D. Layton
Barry T. and Ilyse C. Leibowitz
Barry T. Leibowitz Associates, Inc.
Lexington Capital Management, LLC
Lincoln Risk Management Corporation
William M. ’86 and Valerie A. Lipkus
Paul D. Loser
Michael E. and Joanne C. Ludwikowski
J. Barton and Linda P. Luedeke
Xinmin Ma ’96 and Minmin Wang
Duncan L. and Nancy Stein ’77 MacMillan
William G. Maddox ’95
James Tonascia and Maureen G. Maguire ’75
Edward P. ’82 and Maria P. Manning
Patrick J. ’79 and Kathryn Marshall
Michael A. ’97 and Massello
Joan Hamblin Mattia ’63
Matthew E. ’93 and Christine Marro ’90, ’93 McCarter
Mark E. McCoy ’12
Kristin L. McGowan ’05, ’07
Patricia L. McGowan
Yula H. McVay
Penelope Richardson Melchior ’82
Bryan V. Merrigan ’02, ’06
Peter J. Michalski ’53
Mark ’84 and Alison H. Micucci
Harry W. Miller ’57
William C. ’71 and Marylou W. Miller
Jon S. Mills ’85
Aaron J. Moore
Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.
Daniel and Linda S. Morrin Sr.
Christopher C. ’87, ’89 and Yvonne VanGeldren ’88 Mortello
Richard E. ’74 and Carol H. Moyer
Bernard K. Mullen ’83
William A. Nagy ’74
Joseph A. Natoli Construction
Sharon Bean Neiser ’71
George W. Nelson Jr. ’75, ’83
The Nichols Family Foundation of the AYCO Charitable Foundation
William L. ’75 and Darlene A. Nichols
Sumitra Ramaprasad Nicholson ’99
Nikolich Family
Donald E. Noe ’76, ’81 and Myra Hunchar-Noe ’76, ’81
Nottingham Insurance Agency
Mathias I. Obenauer ’92
Barry H. and Bobbi E. Ostrowsky
John A. and Laura Overdeck
John E. and Susan E. Parsons
Joseph A. and Kathleen T. Payesko III
Robert E. Peeck ’72
Barry M. ’77, ’83 and Karen Bittner ’76 Pelletteri
Lewis J. and Margherita Pepperman
Michael Perlmutter ’65
Nadine Petronaci ’80
Daniel L. Pinero ’76
Joseph Piombino
PJ’s Kingston, LLC
PJ’s Pancake House
PJ’s West, LLC
Bruce A. Polekoff ’80
Glenn Popowitz
Michael J. Porter ’65
Joseph L. Prati ’80
Precision Professionals
Gregory E. Presnal ’82
Joseph D. and Sheryl Berger ’89 Punia
Michael F. ’93 and Cheryl L. Reca
Barbara Regan
Carl ’81 and Margie Markovits ’84 Reichel
Donald C. ’73 and Elizabeth Cox ’73 Reilly
Patricia J. Reilly
Scott J. ’90 and Ranee M. Reilly
Resource Management Group, LLC
RestoreCore, Inc.
Anna S. Robbins ’80
Julie Luster-Roell and William Roell Fund of the Princeton Area Community Foundation, Inc.
John H. Rose
James A. ’73 and Nancy Langford ’72 Rouse
Mordechai and Bonnie Rozanski
Mose and Sandra McCullers ’09 Rucker
Schering-Plough Foundation, Inc.
Lisa Schwartz
Gregory C. Scozzari ’85
V.J. Scozzari & Sons, Inc.
Peter J. Sebastian ’66
Frank J. and Mary Jane Semcer
Joseph Sensi Jr. ’84
Michael K. Seraphin
H. Jay Sexton ’63
Raj P. Shah ’90
David C. ’85 and Erin Rick ’85 Shea
Andrew J. Shedlock III ’79
Robert A. ’79 and Kathleen M. Sikorski
Norman P. and Arlene Silvers
Norman P. & Arlene Silvers Donor Advised Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation
Peter P. Slampyak ’72
Kelvin L. Smith ’78
Jeffrey A. Smock ’69
Robert S. Snyder
Filbert E. Spizzirro ’53
Stephen F. and Debora Zindulka ’91 Stasolla
Stout’s Transportation
James A. Streich ’80
Stephen M. ’74 and Patricia E. Sylvester
Gary W. ’82 and Nancy Taylor
Hans Peter Tschaeni and Jeannette Regan
Joseph J. Tybursey ’58
United Way of Greater Mercer County
United Way of Summit County
Charles L. ’86 Valan
Debra R. Valan
Van Note-Harvey Associates, PC
Robert T. ’80 and Marcia Zubicki ’80 Verrastro
Boris and Tina Vilic
Louis Wachtel ’63
Elliott Wahle ’73
Charles E. and Trista Marsello ’95 Walker
William J. Walsh ’76
Iramichael Warhaftig ’96
Jean Rockwell Warner ’62, ’64
Richard L. ’82 and Linda L. Weise
Harry J. Weiss Jr. ’47
The Matthew M. Welna Foundation
Michael ’81 and Kathleen Fitzgerald ’82 Wenzell
Alan C. Winters ’58
Anton K. Wolfshorndl and Denise Pinney
Xerographic Document Solutions, Inc.
Jack ’72 and Linda K. Yates III
Jeffrey A. Zack ’90 and Caroline Nealon
Richard J. ’75 and Andrea Stepen ’75 Zak
Christine A. Zelenak ’97
Charles W. Ziegler Jr. ’84, ’87
ZieglerWorld, LLC