Circle of Excellence

Thomas J. ’75 and Patricia A. Lynch
Robert S. ’87 and Janet L. Schimek
Arthur J. ’65 and Lois Stainman

Andrew J. Rider Society

Keith N. ’84 and Christine Pindale ’85 DiGrazio
John H. Martinson

Trustees’ Society

F. Christopher Carothers ’91, ’94
E. Bruce DiDonato ’76 and Denise Agness
Terence H. ’87, ’90 and Carole Wheat

Founders’ Club

Mark ’88 and Susan K. Brennan
Kenneth J. and DonnaJean A. Fredeen
Paul J. and Beverly Deren ’71 Muller
Kevin J. and Donna M. O’Hara
Sherise Woodward Ritter ’84

Franklin B. Moore Club

David L. and Rhonda R. Cohen
Michael J. ’82 and Patrice Shelmet ’82 Hennessy
Charles A. ’90 and Christina J. ’16 Lackey
David L. and Amy B. Mandelbaum
The Morrison Family
Gary F. ’76, ’82 and Joyce E. Neubeck
Michael J. and Patricia L. Noon
Clair M. ’63 and Jeanne L. Raubenstine
William N. Roell ’94 and Julie A. Luster-Roell ’05
John R.* and Jodi Stover Jr.

President’s Club

Leon O. and Bobbi J. Aarts
Ralph J. ’81 and Kathleen M. Anderson Jr.
Christine A. Barrett
Michael J. ’99 and Melissa Caravello
Joseph A. Casarella ’55
Robert J. ’87 and Karen A. D’Addario
Jacques and Nicole Favre
Christopher A. and Katherine Fazzini
Gordon B. ’82 and Leslie Petersen ’92 Fisher
Michael H. Gauthier
George and Maria Giginis
John G. and Eileen R. Kostic
Barry T. and Ilyse C. Leibowitz
William M. ’86 and Valerie A. Lipkus
Michael E. and Joanne C. Ludwikowski
Patricia L. McGowan
William C. ’71 and Marylou W. Miller
Richard E. ’74 and Carol H. Moyer
The Nikolich Family
John E. and Susan E. Parsons
Joseph A. and Kathleen T. Payesko III
Michael F. ’93 and Cheryl L. Reca
Carl ’81 and Margie Markovits ’84 Reichel
Ronald J. and Marjorie R. Reinhardt
Joseph Sensi Jr. ’84
Stephen M. ’74 and Patricia E. Sylvester
Gary W. ’82 and Nancy Taylor
Jeffrey A. Zack ’90 and Caroline Nealon

Cranberry Club

William C. Allen ’65
Luciano A. Arduini
R. Coleen Ireland Barbiere ’90
Michael W. and Katrina L. Bender
Robert A. ’86 and Lauren Phillips ’87 Brennan Jr.
Walter A. ’48* and Shirley M. Brower
Michael R. and Connie G. Cherrillo Jr.
Colin J. ’85 and Carolann Coffey Sr.
John A. and Theresa A. Conover
Ronald G. and Cindy A. Cook
John M. and Anne Marie Fletcher Jr.
Anthony M. and Therese L. Focht
Michael T. ’89 and Susana Santaguida ’89 Gummel
Charles R. Horberg and Jeanne M. Stetzko
Ronald D. Noll
Francis A. and Elaine Pittaro
Allen R. Rosen ’63
David Schutsky and Carol S. Kondrach
Richard A. Schwarz and Joanne Collins
Joseph D. and Denise Sciarrino
Barry R. ’78 and Michelle T. Sharer
Robert A. and Gina Stoto
Richard G. Strandskov ’74
Stephen E. and Michelle Aloi ’00 Walsh
James G. and Rosemary A. Warwick
The Wilcox Family
John and Carolyn M. Witt

Bronc Club

Keith A. and Julianna M. Amen
Peter J. and Debra R. Baligian
Michael and Hille D. Carpino
David A. and Charlene B. Clark
Sytze and Nicoline M. Coorens
Richard L. Crist
Rolandus J. De Jong
William T. Eiser
John M. Faulhaber III
Charles J. and Carol F. Gengler
Vincent ’08 and Karolyn G. Ippolito
Neil and Anne Kennett
Caprice LaRosa
W. Christian Madsen and Sally-Jo Placa
Jay and Alisa D. Mawson
William P. and Sharon S. Montes
Mark S. and Karen W. Musselman
Richard J. and Helena Popso
Edward F. and Lisa A. Quintus
Maury R. and Mirim Randall
Ronald and Florence Soporowski
John M. and Kim A. Spellane Jr.
Richard J. and Susan B. Tecco Jr.
Craig W. ’86 and Joanne Kusnic ’86 Trautwein
Gene and Sheila H. Truncellito
Vincent Vandam
Raymond J. and Lynne Vanderhoof
Phillip J. and Cherie F. Voorhees
Peter O. and Lisa G. Wallburg
Jerome and Chantou Waterkeyn
Charles and Maria Zeisloft

Century Club

Anthony and Jacqueline M. Arneth
Anthony A. and Marlene E. Bayer
William C. ’74 and Caroline S. Beidelman Jr.
Gabriel S. and Natalie M. Blanco
Kevin T. ’87 and Kimberly Smith ’87 Bordner
Linda H. Bowker
John P. and Elaine G. Boyko

Mark R. ’77 and Laura Braff
Edward D. ’83 and Patrice K. Breen
Lisa Brett
David V. and Edith Martelli ’10 Brown
Kevin J. and Geraldine L. Burd
James A. and Laure Burgess
Barry L. and Judy L. ’78 Burtnett
Jim and Juliann Byelich
Andres Caraballo
Ronald A. ’68 and Sue Fudge ’70 Carletta
Gregory A. Chasar ’78
Volodymyr Chumak and Tetyana Kryvoruchko ’15
Richard Cohen and Angela M. Rota
Allison Consentino
Victor A. and Anne C. Dagenais
Anthony M. and Regina A. Dain
Duane O. ’70 and Susan Davison
Gary L. and Laurie Dentino
James P. and Kathleen M. Devine
Nicholas Diamantis and Lucinda L. Ripoll
James E. ’85 and Leanne Trivino ’85 Diefenbach
William and Maureen Donovan
Larry C. and Neeantima A. Dowdy
Michael A. ’79 and Luba Dziubas
Thomas A. ’87 and Sandra M. Egan Jr.
Dawn G. Eisenhardt ’01
Michael L. and Beth B. Epstein
Brian and Danielle S. Fairlee
Anthony J. ’80 and Patricia L. Faugno
Camilla S. Ferrera
George W. and Kathy Florence
Timothy V. and Natalie P. Flynn
Ivan W. and Vickie M. Fuller
Edmond S. and Deidra A. Gakeler
David and Beverly Gartenberg
Gary J. ’79 and Jan L. Ginter
Theodore W. and Doris J. Glotzbach
Glenn A. Gorniak Sr.
Donald J. Green
Robert A. Gunn
Claire Serinaldi Hamm ’79
William and Susan Harding
Ralph L. ’71, ’78 and Carol A. Hibbs Jr.
John and Rosemarie Hilgar
Francis J. and Chris A. Hirschy
John S. and Barbara Gauck ’54 Hough
Mark J. and JoAnne S. Hummel
Edward E. and Sharen A. Jenkins
Gregory C. ’87 and Cathy Townsend ’85 Jolley
Brian A. ’83 and Laurie Peck ’83 Kape
Frederick A. and Linda D. ’09 Kerner
Jeffrey D. and Maija S. Kingsley
James N. Kirchner Sr.
Donald and Eileen M. Kluse
William H. and Mary L. Koch
John R. and Maureen P. Kulaga
Christos and Stella Ladopoulos
David A. and Theresa A. Lewis
Meredith L. Logan
Joseph J. and Bernadette Heinz ’95 Lombardo
Mark and Marigene M. Margevicius
Mark R. and Carmen J. Marino
Christopher L. and Christa M. ’13 Martin
William M. and Denise L. Matters
Ira Mayo
Robert P. Mazur Sr. and Dorothy A. Lenza-Mazur
Brian S. and Cynthia C. McAllister
Margaret J. McClellan
William T. and Roslyn K. McClure
Jack and Susan Meola
Michael P. and Jennifer M. Mihalik
Conrad W. ’73 and Lynn Ferrante Miller
David M. and Susan J. Miller
John S. and JoAnn Modica Sr.
David W. ’76 and Jane Brassington Molnar
Mark A. ’91 and Denise H. Mostrangeli
Michael P. Mulqueen
Michael R. ’88 and Robin Nocella ’88 Murphy
Ronald J. Opperman ’78
Ralph R. and Jill K. Pacella Jr.
Edward G. Palmer and Robin Murdaugh ’08
Joseph and Alisa B. Papeo Sr.
Charles R. and Phyllis Y. Parker
Mark A. and Robin B. Pellechio
Anthony R. and Stacey N. Pellegrino
David M. and Doris K. Pepe
Eric M. and Susan Kasian ’77, ’84 Perkins
Glenn and Dina Pirone ’89 Perrine
David A. ’67 and Kathleen Pierfy
Frank A. Pignataro
William E. and Janet G. Price
Stephen Priolo Sr.
Valerie Priolo
Jim and Marci Cobb ’12 Risch
Anthony and Josephine Rizzieri
Jose and Michele L. Rodriguez
Edward J. and Donna N. Romanczuk
Mark E. ’81 and Elizabeth A. Ronchetti Sr.
James C. ’69 and Judith Wilson ’71 Ross
Lynn Rugg
Edward A. and Lisa L. Runyon
Janette Freeberg Sailor ’02
Carol A. Santini ’09
Anthony J. ’77 and Kathleen C. Santye Jr.
James T. and Deborah A. Scalise
Mitchell ’85 and Amy Friedman ’87 Schwartz
Kathleen Scott ’93
Elizabeth B. Shanefield
James M. and Patricia Rodak ’89 Shreve
Elliott C. and Ruth L. Sigal
Michael P. and Alyse H. Silverman
Joseph M. Simone
Brian K. and Andrea M. Sirak
Richart E. and Shirley M. Slusher
Jeremy R. and Kimberly A. Smith
Russell J. and Anastasia Brophy ’84 Snyder
Joseph B. ’78, ’83 and Mary E. Sofield
James and Barbara Sowa
Ronald H. ’77, ’82 and Susan A. Spair
Joseph A. and Jodi L. Sparano
Linda A. Stoop
Maureen T. Sullivan
Stephen M. ’52* and Elizabeth Szwak
Thomas O. and Sandra T. Tracy
Walter Tudor
Douglas P. and Kathy A. Umbehauer
Luis C. Vargas and Liliana Torres Romero
Frank D. ’73 and Dorothy Balzano ’73 Vassalo
Richard J. and Kristen G. Vassos
Matt Walsh
Kent M. and Susanne A. Washington
Richard S. ’81 and Andrea Willinger
Deneen M. Willis-Fayder
Joseph H. and Kathleen Wisniewski Jr.
John and Elaine D. Yocum
Howard G. ’87, ’93 and Kimberly Horton ’87 Zablow
David M. and Judith Zeft
Joseph W. ’80, ’91 and Linda J. Zisa



Charles R. and Marie Alexy
William J. and Camille A. ’87 Amadio
Mary T. Amato
Peggy A. Aquilina
Patrick and Margaret K. Ascolese
Kevin A. and Donna J. Baggett
Stephen J. and Connie Helmuth ’10 Barna
Charles F. and Kathleen M. Betz
Edward A. and Kathryn H. Black
Joseph G. and Darryl Dickinson ’83 Blusnavage
Richard J. Boback
Chrystyna Brown
Rosemary E. Brown
Sara J. Byrne
Diane K. Campbell ’09
James and Maryann L. Cardia
Joseph J. and Frances L. Centurione
Paul Chea and Sophia S. Song
Gennaro and Dawn Ciccarelli
LuAnn S. Coen ’14
Michael R. Coiante
Gary and Nadine M. Coleman
Lisa M. Constant
Harry and Gail Specht ’93 Corey
Peter J. ’88 and Lisa R. Cugasi
William F. Dearborn
Edward H. and Jane C. Dellert
Bernard C. and Valerie A. Demcovitz
Ettore and Stefania Scotto DiClemente
Michael J. DeStefan and Frances R. Estevez
Donald G. and Anna Marie DiPalma Jr.
John T. and Gwen R. Dippery
William and Donna Walachy ’88 Disbrow
William C. and Andrea Eggert Jr.
Craig H. and Maria Brezanin ’94 Ender
Steven M. and Leslie Sabith ’73, ’76 Engleberg
Arthur W. and Kim A. Flemming
Kyle O. and Carolyn M. Freeberg Sr.
Michelle Garofalo
William and Carol A. Geissler
Adam C. and Gina M. Genther
George and Sally J. Giovanos
Jimmy and Kelly Grimanis
William D. and Evelyn Guthrie
Patrick P. and Susan B. Hannah
Arthur L. ’01 and Sybil D. Harris
Michael and Mary Henderson
Susan L. Hewins ’06
Douglas E. and Kathleen C. Hill
William and Louise Hoff
Nikolaus A. and Marion R. Holinaty
David S. and Barbara Benson ’69 Horowitz
Thomas B. and Jane G. Huesser
Kevin R. and Cheryl A. Hughes
Arthur W. and Katherine Hunt
Joseph J. and Kathy A. Iacono
Joseph C. and Pamela A. Jacobs
William R. ’80 and Lucy S. Kamm
Kevin J. and Laura M. Kerod
Jeffrey A. and Jessica L. Kleuskens
John M. and Janet Kozik
Irwin M. and Alissa J. Latner
Arthur G. Leder
Natale and Deborah L. Leone
Michael P. and Suzanne M. Liff
Joseph A. and Marianne Mammon III
Thomas R. Marion and Janet L. Russo ’79
John M. and Marie Mattera
Andrew M. and Betsy McNeil
Mark and Beth Liebeskind ’73 Mehler
Thomas and Linda D. Meier
Ellen Miller
Lisa Morrell
Steven W. and Shelly Mosteller
Stephen M. Muller
Robert W. ’72 and Victoria Murphy Jr.
Joseph M. and Dawn Whitehorn ’90 Muziani
Bruce Nase
James S. and Gina M. O’Brien
Michael P. and Sandra C. O’Neil
Rona M. Panarotti
Mark D. and Michele T. Paules
Kevin P. ’79 and Diane Pollard
Anna M. Quagliato
Gregory P. and Maryrose B. Raab Jr.
Jack B. ’70 and Lori A. Raymond
Peter T. and Geraldine Regan
Peter T. Regan III ’85
Leonard M. and Mindi A. Rosenbluth
Raymond and Angela Rosiello
Gilbert A. Rossi ’74, ’79
Garrett S. and Karen A. Rudnicki
John R. and Maria L. Scavetta
Peter D. and Donna Schmitt
Janet Van Pelt Schoenhaar ’83
Robert D. and Karen W. Schopp
Nancy F. Schwartz
Helen Seise
Michael P. and Maryellen Sheehan
Todd T. Sherbert
Jason J. and Tina Sherry
Stephen L. Sinoway and Beth R. Golden
Bernard E. and Denise M. Smallwood
David D. and Ann M. Spiller
Jeffrey L. and Beth A. Starnes
Betsy L. Steiger
Nicholas D. Stephan ’78
Joseph and Linda F. Sudol
Michael S. and Lourdes Sullivan
Anthony M. and Linda M. Tomasso Jr.
Julie Topsis and Joseph Randazzo
Richard T. and Robyn J. Tunnell
Joseph N. and Mary Vena
Christopher P. and Tina L. Vigna
Alan E. and Maureen A. Wakeman
Gary T. and Carol l. Walsh
Lawrence P. and Robin C. ’90 Webster
John M. and Janet Weindorfer
Craig and Catherine Werner
Stephen P. and Christa C. Wetzel
David Wilcox
Stephen and Genowefa Wisz
Carol A. Zambuto
Anne Marie Vagra Zanfardino ’85
Charles J. ’15 and LouAnn P. Zerambo
Paul E. ’73 and Kim I. Zigo
Kenneth G. ’79 and Lynn Hornsby ’82 Zimmer