Emeritus Professor of Chemistry

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2083 Lawrence Road, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648

William  McCarroll

Ph.D., University of Connecticut
Inorganic Solid State Chemistry

Our research centers on the synthesis of single crystals of transition metal oxides with unusual structural, electrical or magnetic properties. Our primary method is the electrolysis of fused salts (FSE) at high temperatures in which the products are deposited at one or both of the electrodes. We also use flux growth method and chemical vapor transport. A particularly interesting material that we have prepared by FSE is La5Mo4O16. This compound, which grows at the cathode, is a quasi-two dimensional material whose magnetic properties are highly anisotropic. The structure, as shown in Fig. 1, consists of MoO3 layers containing corner sharing MoO6 octahedra where Mo(V) and Mo(IV), ordered on alternate sites (Fig. 1a), are sandwiched between insulating Mo2O10 groups (Fig. 1b). If the magnetism of the crystal is measured parallel to the perovskite layers at 150K a meta-magnetic behavior is observed while if it is measured perpendicular to the layers paramagnetic behavior is observed (Fig. 2). At lower temperatures the magnetism shows a strong hysteresis, typical of strong ferromagnetic interactions. This is the first known example of such magnetic behavior in which the magnetic ion is Mo and only the one known for a 4d oxide (1-2, 13-15).

Fig. 1 (a): Perovskite-like MoO3 layers in La5Mo4O16 (ab) plane. (b) View showing how the perovskite MoO3 layers are connected by Mo2O7 groups along the c axis.

Fig. 2 Magnetization of La5Mo4O16 at 150 K with field applied parallel to the perovskite layers (solid black squares) and filed parallel to the c axis, i.e. perpendicular to the perovskite layers (solid black squares)

We are also interested in the growth of single crystals of doped rare earth oxomanganates and oxocobaltates. Crystals of LaMnO3 doped with Na+ or Sr+2 2 to 3mm on edge have been prepared by anodic oxidation of Cs2MoO4-MoO3 melts containing Mn2O3 and either Na2MoO4 or SrMoO4 as solutes. Crystals of composition Sr0.21La0.76MnO3, prepared in this laboratory, show %MR (magnetoresistivity) values of about 36% at room temperature and 5 Tesla, among the highest observed to date for room temperature magnetoresistivity. These materials are of potential practical importance since magnetoresistive devices are used in read/write devices for data storage and retrieval. Our studies indicate that the introduction of vacancies in the lanthanum sites will enhance the MR values (5-6, 8-12)

Selected Publications

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* Rider student co-author