Emeritus Professor

Department Name 
Thomas Callahan, Jr.

Teaches medieval and modern European history. His research interests center on late-19th and early- 20th century Ireland and Irish emigration to the United States. A Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, he has published I’m Sending a Shamrock to Remind You of Home: Roscommon Families and the Irish Diaspora 1860-1950 (Dublin 2013), and numerous articles.

Educational Background

  • B.A. State University of New York, Albany
  • M.A., Ph.D. University of Connecticut

Professional Employment

  • Rider University
    Professor of History: 1981-Present
    Associate Professor: 1976-1981
    Assistant Professor: 1971-1976

Courses Taught at Rider

  • World History To/From 1500 [HIS 150/151]
  • Europe to 1715 [HIS 214]
  • Britain to 1688 [HIS 265]
  • Modern Britain [HIS 266]
  • History of Ireland [HIS 268]
  • History of Ancient Rome [HIS 316]
  • History & Historical Method [HIS 460]

Research Activities / Interests

  • 19th Century Ireland and Irish Emigration; Oral History

Current Projects

  • Trans-Atlantic Travel in Steerage in the 19th Century

Representative Scholarly Publications

  • I'm Sending a Shamrock to Remind You of Home: Roscommon Families and the Irish Diaspora 1875-1950
  • "The Arrest of the Bishops at Stephen's Court," Haskins Society Journal, IV (1993), 99-110
  • "The Making of A Monster: The Historical Image of William Rufus," The Journal of Medieval History, VII (1981), 175-185
  • "Ecclesiastical Reparations and the Soldiers of 'The Anarchy'," Albion, X (1978), 300-318
  • "Sinners and Saintly Retribution," Studia Monastica, XVIII (1976), 109-176

Professional / Scholarly Honors

  • Fellow, Royal Historical Society
  • Visiting Senior Scholar, Wolfson College, Cambridge: 1978, 1984
  • Lilly Fellow, University of Pennsylvania: 1979-80