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2083 Lawrenceville Road, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648-3099

Randy  Kertes

Randy S. Kertes, PG, CPG, is the Vice President of Science and Land Use for Sadat Associates, Inc. (Trenton, NJ). Randy received his B.S. in Geosciences from Rider University in 1984 and a M.S. in Geology from the University of Cincinnati in 1995. He has been an adjunct instructor in the Department of Geological, Environmental, and Marine Sciences (GEMS) since 1999. Randy has over 26 years of professional experience in the environmental consulting and land development fields. He manages a wide range of environmental projects, from soil and groundwater cleanups in accordance with state and federal regulations to local and state land use-related permits associated with land development projects and landfill closures. In addition, Randy provides expert testimony to municipal zoning and planning boards relating to environmental remediation and the minimization of adverse impacts for residential and commercial developments. He also mentors Rider seniors during their independent research projects and has been a host for Rider Shadowing Experiences. A valued member of the Rider University Science Advisory Board until 2015, Randy was the creator of, and driving force behind, the innovative Centennial Lake Watershed Restoration Project on campus. As a result of all of his contributions to Rider, Randy has been honored by the University and the Rider University Alumni Association, and was inducted into the Rider Science Stairway of Fame in June 2009.

Primary Teaching Responsibilities

  • Environmental Geology
  • Oceanography

Selected Publication Titles and Sources

  • Complicating factors relating to parent bedrock, riparian corridors, and anthropogenic impacts in the identification of wetlands for a minor subdivision, Montgomery Township, Somerset County, NJ: A case study. Society of Wetland Scientists Mid-Atlantic Chapter 2012 Conference.
  • Frank’s Creek and Dead Horse Run restoration, a restoration project that benefits local economies and the environment. Passaic River Symposium V.
  • Engineering design of Frank’s Creek and Dead Horse Run restored riparian corridor. Passaic River Symposium.
  • The trouble with mottles – a case study in the misidentification of redoxomorphic features in relation to a proposed subdivision, Upper Freehold Township, NJ. 2003 Annual NOWRA Conference.
  • Projected and measured wastewater flows for Westerly Road Church and implications for site planning, proposed Westerly Road Church, Princeton, NJ. 2003 Annual NOWRA Conference.
  • Centennial Lake Watershed: An examination of historic and current land use and resultant Impacts. Society of Wetland Scientists 2001 Annual Meeting.
  • Centennial Lake (Rider University, NJ) - A case study of an urban watershed restoration project. Society of Wetland Scientists 2001 Annual Meeting.