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Paul Benchener brings to both his students and clients over 40 years of experience in business and education. His business career includes: international business, consulting, marketing, product management, applying information technology for strategic advantage, business re-engineering, supply chain management and finance. In addition, he has start-up experience as the founder and president of a retail industry technology company. During his education career, which began in 2004, Mr. Benchener served for seven years as the founding director of the Executive MBA program and was on the faculty in the Marketing, Advertising and Legal Department of the Norm Brodsky College of Business at Rider University. He now has a position as an adjunct instructor. At the graduate level (MBA and EMBA), he has taught courses in strategic marketing planning, international marketing, executive decision making, and top management perspective. At the undergraduate level, he has taught basic marketing theory and principles, and core concepts of business. He also assisted in the development of an e-commerce business course for the supply chain major.