Patricia H. Dawson

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Associate Professor - Librarian - Emeritus

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  • B.A., Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan (Biology, minors in Chemistry and English)
  • M.S., Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ (Microbiology)
  • M.L.S., Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ (Information Retrieval, Biomedical Reference)
  • Teaching Certification, Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ
    NJ Department of Education Certifications: Elementary Education, K-12 Biological Sciences, K-12 Physical Sciences

Scholarly Activities

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  • Yang, S.Q. & Dawson, P.H. (2018). Altmetrics and their potential as an assessment tool for digital libraries. In Proceedings of 2018 IEEE International Symposium on Emerging Trends and Technologies in Libraries and Information Services, Bennett University, New Delhi, India.
  • Yang, S. Q., & Dawson, P. H. (2017). Representation of local collections in Web-scale discovery tools - Do discovery tools promote local holdings? In IFLA Library: Satellite Meeting - Reference and Information Services & Information Technology Sections: Innovation and the User Experience: Evaluating and Implementing Discovery Systems (Vol. S10). Retrieved from
  • Patricia H. Dawson & Sharon Q. Yang (2016). Institutional Repositories, Open Access and Copyright: What Are the Practices and Implications? Science & Technology Libraries, 35 (4), 279-294.
  • Jacobs, Danielle L, Dalal, Heather A., Dawson, Patricia H. (2016). Integrating Chemical Information Instruction into the Chemistry Curriculum on Borrowed Time: The Multiyear Development and Evolution of a Virtual Instructional Tutorial. Journal of Chemical Education, 93 (3), 452-463.
  • Jacobs, Danielle L., Dalal, Heather A., Dawson, Patricia H. (2016). Integrating Chemical Information Instruction into the Chemistry Curriculum on Borrowed Time: A Multiyear Case Study of a Capstone Research Report for Organic Chemistry. Journal of Chemical Education, 93 (3), 444–451.
  • Hsieh, Ma Lei, Dawson, Patricia H., Carlin, Michael T. (2013). What Five Minutes in the Classroom Can Do to Uncover the Basic Information Literacy Skills of Your College Students: A Multiyear Assessment Study. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, 8 (3), 34-57.
  • Dawson, Patricia H., Hsieh, Ma Lei, Carlin, Michael T. (2012). Quantitative/Qualitative Analysis of Assessing Student Information Literacy Skills: The Power of Librarian-Faculty Collaborations. Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries (QQML), 1, 35-42.
  • Dawson, Patricia H. (2011). Are Science, Engineering, and Medical Libraries Moving Away from the Reference Desk? Results of a Survey of New Jersey Libraries. Science & Technology Libraries, 30(4), 343-353. DOI: 10.1080/0194262X.2011.626337
  • Dawson, Patricia H., Yang, Sharon Q., and Heath, Wendy P. (2011). Captivating the Students: Online Library Instruction for a Psychology Class and Lessons Learned. Journal of Library and Information Science, 37, 67-72.
  • Dawson, Patricia H., Jacobs, Danielle L., Yang, Sharon Q. (2010). An Online Tutorial for SciFinder for Organic Chemistry Classes. Science & Technology Libraries, 29(4), 298 - 306. DOI: 10.1080/0194262X.2010.520251
  • Dawson, Patricia and Campbell, Diane K. (2007). Cataloging the path to a new dark age: A taxonomy of the Bush administration’s pervasive crusade against scientific communication. Progressive Librarian: A journal for critical studies and progressive politics in librarianship, 29, 8-17.
  • Dawson, Patricia, Hohn, Barbara, Hohn, Thomas, and Skalka, Ann. (1976). Functional empty capsid precursors produced by a lambda mutant defective for late DNA replication. Journal of Virology, 17, 576-83.
  • Dawson, Patricia, Skalka, Ann, and Simon, Lee. (1975). Bacteriophage lambda head morphogenesis: Studies on the role of DNA. Journal of Molecular Biology, 93, 167-80.
  • Skalka, Ann and Hanson, Patricia. (1972). Comparisons of the distribution of nucleotides and common sequences in deoxyribonucleic acid from selected bacteriophages. Journal of Virology, 9, 583-93.

Scholarly Book Chapter

  • Dawson, P. H., & Campbell, D. K. (2009). Driving fast to nowhere on the information highway: A look at a shifting paradigm of literacy in the twenty-first century. In V. B. Cvetkovic & R. J. Lackie (Eds.), Teaching generation M: A handbook for librarians and educators (pp. 33-50). New York City, NY: Neal-Schuman.

Journal Peer Reviewer

  • Science & Technology Libraries (ISSN 0194-262X, refereed) published by Routledge (Spr. 2011 - )
  • European Conference on Information Literacy (ECIL) ( ISSN 1865-0929, referred)  published by Springer (Spr., 2015 - )
  • Sustainability: Science, Practice, & Policy (ISSN 1548-7733, refereed) published by Proquest (Fall, 2015 - )


  • Carroll Preston Baber Research Grant, S. Yang, S. McManimon, Ma Lei Hsieh, P. Dawson, (Dec. 2015)
  • Rider Distance Learning Advisory Committee Grant, S. Yang, P. Dawson, and M. Quinn, (Oct. 2008)

International Conference Proceedings

  • Dawson, Patricia, Ann Skalka, and Lee Simon. (Aug. 1974). Lambda head morphogenesis: Studies on the role of DNA. Proceedings of Bacteriophage Meeting (p. 67). Cold Spring Harbor, New York.

National Conference Proceedings

  • Jacobs, Danielle L.; Dawson, Patricia H.; and Yang, Sharon Q. (August 28-September 1, 2011) Development and assessment of online SciFinder tutorials toward the promotion of scientific literacy in undergraduates. Abstracts of Papers, 242nd ACS National Meeting & Exposition (p.CINF-44). Denver, CO, United States.
  • Hsieh, Ma Lei and Patricia Dawson. (2010). A University’s Information Literacy Assessment Program Using Google Docs. Brick and Click Libraries: Proceedings of an Academic Library Symposium: 10th Anniversary (pp119-135). Maryville, MO, Northwest Missouri State University.

Other Professional Publications (Reports, Newsletter Articles, Abstracts)

  • Dawson, Pat. (2011). Presenting and Learning at the 2011 Schuylkill Watershed Congress. Twin and Walker Creeks Watershed Conservancy, 8 (1).
  • Dawson, Patricia. (2011). Presenting and Learning at the 2011 Schuylkill Watershed Congress. STEM Newsletter (publication of Save the Environment of Moorestown), 40 (3).
  • (March/April 2011). Presenting and Learning at the 2011 Schuykill Watershed Congress. Echoes from our Lake (newsletter of Walker Lakeshores Landowners Association), 121, 4-5.
  • Joachim, T., Dawson, P., Borisovets, N., Deptula, M., McGivern, K., Holmes, J., Kurzmann, S., Madacsi, N., Slutsky, B., and Tisi, M. (July 2010). 2009 VALE Reference Services Survey Report (J. Caldwell, Ed.).
  • Dawson, Patricia and Michele Schirmer. (Dec. 2008). Title III. Municipal Planning and Design. In Sustainable Planning Report by Moorestown Township Green Team, submitted to Moorestown Township Council.
  • Dawson, Patricia and Brossy, Margaret. (2008). Green team steering committee established for Moorestown. STEM Newsletter (publication of Save the Environment of Moorestown), 37(4), 3.
  • Dawson, Patricia. (2007). Section program: Revolutionizing discovery through text mining. The Chronicle (publication of the Philadelphia Chapter of Medical Library Association), 25(2), 11-13.
  • Huttenlock, Terry L., Dawson, Patricia H., Saracevic, Tefko, and Kantor, Paul B. (1995). Derived taxonomy of value in using library and information services: A manual for encoding of responses. Technical Report APLab/95-5 ED386207.
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