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SCI 323D
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2083 Lawrenceville Road, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648-3099
Jonathan Husch

Dr. Jonathan M. Husch received his doctorate from Princeton University in 1982 and currently holds the rank of Professor of Geological and Environmental Sciences. A member of the Rider faculty since 1980, he served as GEMS Chair from 2006 until 2017. Jon's Ph.D. dissertation was a study of the petrogenesis and evolution of Paleozoic anorthosites and related rocks associated with subvolcanic ring complexes, Air Massif, Republic of Niger. In addition to his teaching responsibilities at Rider, Jon has been a faculty member at the Princeton-Penn-YBRA Geology Field Camp in Red Lodge, Montana. Jon also was a Visiting Research Scientist at Rutgers University where he continued his ongoing research on the geochemistry and petrogenesis of Early Jurassic diabase in the Newark Basin of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Jon and his students have co-authored numerous papers and presentations on this topic, as well as on the petrogenesis of Late Archean amphibolites from southwest Montana and the ICP analysis of trace metals in lacustrine, marine, and other samples, particularly those associated with the Delaware River Watershed. In addition, Jon was part of a research group that investigated various aspects of the geology of Mars; he spent a fall 2012 research sabbatical working on this exciting project. Jon also has been involved with research and equipment grants from the NSF and NASA worth more than $500,000 and was part of a faculty/staff group that helped bring a state-of-the-art Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with associated microanalytical detectors to Rider in 2015.

Jon was the Rider University NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative from 1996 until 2011 and was extremely involved in a wide variety of athletic issues, activities, and projects on campus. He also recently served a two-year term on the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Science Advisory Board. Jon represented Rider University as a member of the 2001 People to People Delegation to Cuba on Women in Sports and he has traveled recently to Belize, Costa Rica, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, Iceland, Panama, and Peru as part of his team teaching for Rider's unique Nature's Business course. In addition, Jon has been honored for teaching excellence by being selected for inclusion in various editions of "Who's Who Among America's Teachers”, for outstanding service to the University by being awarded the Rider University 2005 Frank N. Elliot Award for Distinguished Service, and for outstanding academic leadership by being awarded the 2015 Rider University Chairperson Leadership Award. Finally, in recognition of his many years of outstanding teaching and dedication to the principles and values of a Liberal Arts and Sciences education, Jon was selected as the 2015 Honorary Faculty Inductee into the Rider School of Liberal Arts and Sciences Honor Society.

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Primary Teaching Responsibilities

  • Environmental Geology
  • Elements of Mineralogy
  • Petrology and Petrography
  • Nature's Business: Belize; Costa Rica; Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands; Iceland; Panama; Peru
  • Earth Materials and Processes Lab
  • Oceanography Lab

Selected Publication Titles and Sources

  • Mineralogical and anthropogenic controls of stream water chemistry in salted watersheds. Journal of Applied Geochemistry.
  • Distinguishing between bomb sags and dropstones on Mars with implications for Gusev and Gale Craters. American Geophysical Union.
  • A Martian case study of segmenting images automatically for granulometry and sedimentology, Part 1: Algorithm and Part 2: Assessment. Icarus.
  • Na/Cl molar ratio changes during a salting cycle and its application to the estimation of sodium retention in salted watersheds. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology.
  • Soil mineral structural water loss during LOI analyses: Impact on organic matter content determinations. Canadian Journal of Soil Science.
  • Changes in the impervious surface area, flood frequency, and water chemistry within the Delaware River Basin during the past 50 years: Initial results. Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Hydroscience and Engineering (ICHE-2006).
  • Centennial Lake watershed restoration, protection, and environmental education, Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ. New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.
  • Geochemistry and petrogenesis of Early Jurassic diabase from the central Newark basin of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Geological Society of America Special Paper.
  • The Palisades sill: Origin of the olivine zone by separate magmatic injection rather than gravity settling. Geology.
  • Geology and major element geochemistry of anorthositic rocks associated with Paleozoic hypabyssal ring complexes, Air Massif, Niger, West Africa. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research.