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Adjunct Assistant Professor

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Geological, Environmental, & Marine Sciences
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2083 Lawrenceville Road Lawrenceville, NJ 08648-3099
Gregory Herman

Dr. Gregory C. Herman earned his Bachelor of Science degree in geology from Ohio University in 1982. After receiving a Masters of Science degree in structural geology from the University of Connecticut in 1984, he joined the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) in the water quality management program, regulating industrial facilities that discharged hazardous wastes to the groundwater. Greg moved to the New Jersey Geological Survey (NJGS) in 1985 to map the bedrock geology in northern New Jersey, eventually coauthoring the 1:100,000 state geological map. In 1991, he transferred into the groundwater program of the NJGS to direct the survey's GIS computer lab, co-design the directory and file architecture of their geologic and geospatial data, and developed the program's Internet pages. In 1996, as research scientist in the survey's research and support group, Greg obtained grants to study and characterize the physical properties of fractured bedrock aquifers. This involved the purchase and use of borehole televiewer imaging equipment and heat-pulse flow meters to identify water-bearing features in the bedrock. In 1997, Greg received his Ph.D. in Geology from Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ. After retiring from the NJGS in 2016, Greg continues to study fractured-bedrock aquifers for water supply and pollution projects as a principal geologist at Princeton Geoscience, Inc.

Primary Teaching Responsibilities

  • Structural Geology Lecture
  • Structural Geology Lab

Selected Publication Titles and Sources

  • Structure of the CAMP bodies and positive Bouger gravity anomalies of the New York Recess. Proceedings of the 30th Annual Meeting of the Geological Association of New Jersey.
  • The nature of Silurian molasse and the Taconic unconformity in the Green Pond syncline, New Jersey-New York, USA. Guidebook for the 77th Annual Field Conference of Pennsylvania Geologists.
  • Hydrogeology and borehole geophysics of fractured-bedrock aquifers. Geological Survey Bulletin 77.
  • Steeply-dipping extension fractures in the Newark basin. Journal of Structural Geology.