Associate Professor of Chemistry

Department Name 
Chemistry, Biochemistry and Physics

Office Location 
Science Hall 336E
Mailing Address 
2083 Lawrence Road, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648

Feng Chen

Ph.D., Northeastern University
Inorganic, Analytical and General Chemistry

Our research has two areas of focus: Synthesis and characterization of new Ternary Transition Metal (bimetallic) Nitrides that May Have Potential Interest for the Technological Community

We are currently focusing on one of the most simple and economic synthetic methods: synthesis of ternary nitrides and oxynitrides through ammonolysis of oxide precursors. Since very few ternary nitrides can be made in this practical way, we are working on two approaches to find more suitable precursors for this method by (1) studying the phase formation process using known compounds and searching for new nitrides based on that knowledge and (2) exploring new routes to nitrides from cation loaded emulsion polymers.

Study of Magnetic and Mechanic Alignment Properties of Transition Metal Compounds

Biaxial alignment of polycrystalline magnetic materials is a newly developed technique which may become useful and important for improving the intrinsic properties of magnetic ceramic materials. We are working on a feasability study of monoaxial and ultimately biaxial alignments for various transition metal compounds by examining their magnetic alignment properties (using a particle suspension in epoxy resin which is allowed to set in a strong applied magnetic field) and their mechanic alignment properties (by consolidating the polycrystalline powder to a pellet by mechanical pressing). Another major goal of this study is to understand the structure/element and meagnetic alignment relationships in these materials.