Explore the nature of forgiveness in this enormously controversial comedy.

By Stephen Adly Guirgis

Are there some acts so heinous as to never warrant forgiveness?  Welcome to purgatory and the trial of the millennium!  Should Judas Iscariot be forgiven and allowed into heaven?  After all, if G-d is all loving and all forgiving, shouldn’t Judas be forgiven as well?  What about free will?  If all acts are preordained, shouldn’t forgiveness include everyone?  Come hear the arguments and meet a cast of characters that include Sigmund Freud, Satan and Mother Teresa in this brilliant and enormously controversial comedy.


For mature audiences only, due to language and violence.


Miriam Mills, director

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Preview performance:
$10 adults and $5 students/seniors
(general admission seats available only at the door.)

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