Love songs by Duke Ellington and Guillaume Machaut.

Love songs by Duke Ellington and Guillaume Machaut.

Almost from the time man began to leave written records of his thoughts, love has been a central theme. The greatest of all 14th century French poet-musicians, Guillaume Machaut (1300 – 1377), left dozens of poems and songs in which love, especially unrequited love, sets the tone. These songs were the hits of his day and spread all over continental Europe.

Nearly 600 hundred years later in the United States, these exact same themes are found in the music of Duke Ellington (1899 – 1974), an equally prolific and popular composer. This program juxtaposes some of each composers most popular songs, (I Got it Bad and That Ain’t Good, Douce Dame Jolie, Don’t Get Around Much Anymore, Comment Qu'a Moy, Solitude, Je Vivraie Liement), highlighting their similarities and differences.  The improvisational nature of Machaut’s music performed on period instruments such as medieval lute, recorders, organistrum, cornetto and psaltery provide a surprisingly similar sound to the smooth sultriness of jazz guitar, trumpet and flute playing the music of Ellington.


Jill Crawford, renaissance flute, recorder, flute
Mika Godbole, percussion
Nancy Froysland-Hoerl, voice
Mark Johnstone, medieval lute, guitar
Flora Newberry, cornetto, recorder, trumpet, flugel horn
Pete Plomchok, guitar
Timothy Urban, voice, psaltery, recorder, sackbut, organistrum

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