The Adventure Begins with a Week of Discovery!

For the next four years, you’ll be living and learning in the heart of fast-changing New Jersey. Nearby are Philadelphia and New York City, dynamic and complex centers of commerce, culture and history.

  • You may find yourself at the Jersey Shore to evaluate the science — and politics — of our state’s ecosystem.
  • Perhaps you'll take a close-up look at the business, ethics and media of sports at the site of SuperBowl XLVIII - MetLife Meadowlands Stadium — home to the Jets and Giants!
  • You could travel to nearby Philadelphia, where history and the performing arts converge to create a city that’s relevant and alive.

The possibilities are endless!

Check out freshman Samantha Huryk's favorite part of the Week of Discovery!

Your Freshman Year

Building on the activities and insights of your Week of Discovery, your journey will continue with new initiatives designed to change your perspective, introduce you to academic and career options through the study of the liberal arts, and develop your personal strengths.

They include:

The Discovery Seminar
This is where learning swings into action as you explore the exciting relationships between ideas, uncover the connections between disciplines and develop your critical thinking skills.

The Personal Development Seminar
The focus is on you here! You’ll develop an understanding of your personal learning style and your leadership potential, guided by your own Rider mentor. Hands-on experiences will build your self-confidence while you discover the areas of greatest interest to you.

You’ll also head into New York City to immerse yourself in the opportunities found in the City that Never Sleeps — from Broadway to Wall Street.

During the fall semester, you’ll apply all the knowledge and insights gained during the Week of Discovery to a personal development experience on campus, guided by knowledgeable Rider insiders.