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Members of the BOLD Council volunteer their time to create and executive relevant and engaging programs and initiatives to connect graduates of the last decade to one another and Rider University. 

Theresa A. Androvett '08
Afaf S. Badawy-Wills '11
Alex H. Baker '11
Jacob L. Barber '15
Shaun A. Bartole '16
Sierra D. Bastien '17
Valerie E. Bell '16
Adriana I. Bellomo '17
Brittany A. Blythe '14
Christopher Boggs '15
Thomas C. Butler '10
Miranda Marrero Cole '14
Jennifer C. Costello-DeBlieck '13
Laura D. Diaz '13
Christina L. Diecidue '16
Alexis M. Esposito '17
Mary E. Foley '15
Marritta Gillcrease '15
William M. Gruccio '10, '11
Dylan M. Hallahan '15
Nicole M. Halpin '11
Fatima N. Heyward '15
Kenneth L. Jacobs '10
Brianna A. Jadney '16
Allison E. Koury '15
Kevin C. Lawton '10, '11
Tamica T. Lloyd '11
D'Jalma A. Lopez '17
Neil A. Marcus '14
Ariana K. Palmer '17
Ankur Patel '14, '16
Leonora L. Paul '15
Katharine T. Rella '16
Jazmine B. Rivera '13
Francis X. Romano Jr. '10, '15
Rachel S. Safer '16
Stephanie Santana '12
Walter R. Saravia '14
Nikki Scalia Savard '14, '16
Stephen L. Schwartz '15
Brittany Spaulding '15, '16
Täara L. Stewart '11
Teresa M. Sydorko '09
Jessica A. Vento '15
Nicolette Vidal '15
Kathlyn A. Walker '16
Stephanie A. Walker '08
Kaitlyn Weindorfer '15
Nicholas C. Weiss '14
George E. Wells Jr. '09
Christopher J. Werner '13
Laura A. Wilson '15
Olivia N. Witt '17
Kathryn E. Zeck '14
Brianna R. Zielinski '17
Amanda H. Zurita '14

Describe your personal motivations for joining the BOLD Council

"Help connect alumni with each other and current students" - Adriana I. Bellomo '17

"I feel a deep connection to Rider University after spending 4 very fulfilling years on campus. As a former active student committed to extracurricular activities, I long to get involved as an alumni and continue strengthening my relationship with the University." - Christina L. Diecidue '16

"To stay connected and involved with Rider University and to help improve all aspects of the University in whatever ways that I can." - Alexis M. Esposito '17

"Staying connected with my alma mater and fellow Alumni. Helping bring a sense of community and pride back to the university." - Dylan M. Hallahan '15

"To actively participate in the Rider community. To give back to Rider through leadership and community efforts." - Brianna A. Jadney '16

"To continue my efforts from the Alumni Board to help connect alumni with students, become more involved with Rider and help to bring more interest from alumni to Rider." - Kevin C. Lawton '10, '11

"To help students achieve their full potential while at Rider. To give them experience as well as an education." - D'Jalma A. Lopez '17

"Sharing all the tips and tricks that helped me throughout my time at Rider." - Ariana K. Palmer '17

"My time as a student Rider University was the most influential and rewarding time of my life. At Rider I learned to be a leader, a professional, and a good friend. I discovered my passion for social work, and my love for helping change the world. I hope to share my experience with others, in an effort to change the lives of Rider students and alumni." - Katharine T. Rella '16

"I feel strongly about giving back to places that helped me become who I am today. I would very much like to see Rider continue to succeed not only from its undergrad side but from alumni participation in events like Reunions. In addition to these altruistic motivations, I am hoping to increase my professional network and hopefully be a part of a movement that allows me to network with someone or a group of people who can help me get to the next level professionally." - Frank Romano '10, '15

"I want to stay involved with the university that has given me so much. I want to help in any way I can." - Stephen L. Schwartz '15

"I already thought BOLD was fantastic from the get-go for Alumni, but when I saw the programs and initiatives for the New Year, I actually could not have been more proud. I always wanted to be involved at Rider, but never quite knew where I fit. For this, I feel like my passion is ignited." -  Täara L. Stewart '11

"I had the best 4 years of my life at Rider University, and miss it pretty much daily. I was an varsity athlete during my tenure, and feel like I may have missed out on being as involved with the school as I had wanted to be, and feel this is now my chance to be involved." - Stephanie A. Walker '08

"Giving back to Rider in a way that I can. Utilizing my industry knowledge in an impact way. Collaborating and networking with like-minded people. Increasing alumni engagement which increases University funding, and create a synergistic effect increasing enrollment and revenue." - George E. Wells Jr. '09

"I would like to stay connected to the Rider Community and help make it fun for other alumni to do the same. I think continuing a community after college can help alumni both professionally and personally, whether it be helping their transition out of school, into a new job, or maybe even a new town. I think everyone can benefit from knowing there are fellow Broncs around who are open to making a connection. This is one of the things that made going to Rider a great experience, so I think it can would be beneficial to keep the community connected after graduation." - Amanda H. Zurita '14