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The mission of the BOLD Council is to be a liaison for recent alumni to the University and the greater Rider alumni community. We connect alumni within their first ten years of graduation to one another and current students to strengthen the Engaged Learning Program and the alumni network. The council communicates the importance of alumni participation in giving, develops innovative engagement activities and identifies volunteer opportunities to give time and talent to the University. GO BRONCS!

The Five Goals of a BOLD Council Member

The BOLD Council is the most relatable contacts between Rider BOLD alumni and the University.

BOLD Council Members help Rider achieve five main goals:

  1. Keep alumni connected to and engaged with the University
  2. Provide feedback and recommendations for BOLD Alumni programming
  3. Help promote Rider University to prospective Rider students
  4. Engage with current students for networking and career advice
  5. Increase class participation and overall alumni giving


  • Jessica Vento ’15


  • Collaborate and report to the Annual Giving and Alumni Relations staff members on all programs and initiatives developed by the council
  • Oversee all committees and advise on programs and initiatives to align with the University's Strategic Plan
  • Meet/speak with the committee chairs monthly
  • Organize bi-monthly conference calls with entire council
  • Organize one on-campus meeting with entire council in the Spring/Summer
  • Collaborate with staff liaisons to allocate program budget

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee acts as the executive arm of the BOLD Council, providing leadership and direction to the Council members and staff representatives. The Committee will work together to propose yearly targets (volunteer engagement and fundraising) based on Rider University’s strategic plan, and the goals of the Offices of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving.

  • Jessica Vento '15 - BOLD Program Chair
  • Chairs of Alumni Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion, Philanthropy, Student Transition, and Volunteer Recruitment Committees
  • Tommy Butler '10, Student Engagement Committee - Alumni Board
  • Kevin Lawton '10,'11, Student Engagement Committee - Alumni Board
  • Andrea Jarvis, Associate Director of Annual Giving
  • Student Affairs Liaison as recommended by the VP of Student Affairs

Alumni Engagement
1 chair and 5 seat openings
1 representative of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee
2 student representatives: TBD

The Alumni Engagement committee will develop, execute and sponsor programmatic initiatives that focus on career and personal development, including alumni speaker series, the alumni social media campaign strategy, surveys, develop regional and active alumni clubs, and that other projects to further enhance the relationship between recent alumni and Rider University.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee Structure
1 chair and 4 seat openings
2 student representatives: TBD
SGA Chair of the Equity and Inclusion Committee: Brea Rivera
Rider Student Affairs Liaison: TBD (as recommended by the VP of Student Affairs)
Rider Advancement Staff Liaisons: Andrea Jarvis

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee will both draw on and inform the overall Rider community by providing leadership on the development of diversity and inclusion strategies as they relate to our BOLD alumni.

To accomplish its goals, the committee will seek input from Rider's BOLD alumni extensively, study existing policies and best practices -- at Rider, other higher ed institutions, and beyond -- and make recommendations for potential new BOLD alumni programming, leadership and recognition programs, policies, and initiatives that leverage Rider BOLD alumni for greater diversity and inclusion in the Rider community worldwide.

Members will also be asked to serve as a diversity and inclusion officer on one of the other four committees (Alumni Engagement, Philanthropy, Student Transition or Volunteer Recruitment).

1 chair and 5 seat openings
1 representative of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee
2 student representatives: TBD
Rider Advancement Staff Liaison: Andrea Jarvis

The Philanthropy Committee will support the Annual Giving Office and university strategic plans in financially supporting Rider University by assisting with fundraising events, endorsing solicitation materials, making asks with comfortable, and providing connections to potential alumni donors. The main focus is to increase alumni participation in giving amongst BOLD alumni.

Student Transition
1 chair and 5 seat openings
1 representative of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee
2 student representatives: TBD

The Student Transition Committee will coordinate with Alumni Relations in outreach to current students and new graduates. They are responsible for building awareness of the BOLD Program, informing students of Alumni Relations benefits and services and identify new graduates to sit on a BOLD committee.

Volunteer Recruitment
1 chair and 5 seat openings
1 representative of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee
2 student representatives: TBD
Rider Advancement Staff Liaison: Andrea Jarvis

The Volunteer Recruitment Committee engages and recruits alumni volunteers to assist in upcoming campus and community events and initiatives, including BOLD Admissions and CDS volunteers; serve as ad hoc committee members; identify alumni for future consideration on the Council. The Committee members assist with marketing and publicizing volunteer opportunities, as well as reviewing candidates and selecting future Council members.

BOLD Council Contacts


Andrea Jarvis
Associate Director of Annual Giving
[email protected]

Office of Alumni Relations
[email protected]

Jessica Vento '15
Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission
BOLD Class Agent Chair
[email protected]

To become a BOLD Council Member, please complete this form and a BOLD staff liaison from University Advancement will contact you shortly.