Submitting Materials Online

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Applicants who are not able to attend an on-campus admission audition may submit materials online. A link to our arts application will be emailed upon submission of your Application for admission. Please see specific program requirements below.

Although we strongly encourage on-campus auditions, for students who live beyond a 250 mile radius of Westminster and are unable to travel for an on-campus audition, we will accept a recorded audition. A pre-screening recording is required only for the Master of Music in Choral Conducting and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre applicants. 


To facilitate the submission of recorded auditions we offer a service that will allow you to upload recordings and/or digital materials directly to us. Please see below for specific instructions on what materials to upload using the link received in your Rider Application Confirmation email.***

***Please note that all memory requirements must be honored in recorded auditions

Upload These Materials

View instructions for:

Westminster Choir College Voice, Piano and Organ Studies

Please submit a video recording.
Audio only recordings will not be accepted for any graduate program or for any undergraduate performance major.

  1. Organ videos must show pedals.
  2. Please follow all of the uploading instructions provided.

If you are having technical difficulties please contact the service vendor directly.
Westminster Office of Admission cannot provide technical help with this service.

School of Fine and Performing Arts Majors

All majors must submit a video recording.
Audio only recordings will not be accepted.

Please submit the following:


All applicants must submit the pre-screening recording digitally using the link from your Rider Application Confirmation email.
Applicants must submit a preliminary screening recording in order to be considered for an invitation to an on-campus audition.
Deadline: Both the application and recording must be submitted no later than December 1st.

Pre-Screen Video Requirements and Guidelines

  • Slate your name and pieces you are performing at the beginning of each video.
  • ​Record your videos from the waist up close enough so we can see your face.
  • Record each video individually and label them as "song 1”, "song 2”, "mono 1”, “mono 2”, "dance sample 1” ("dance sample 2" if you are including more than one).


  • All selections must be accompanied. Please use either pre-recorded tracks or a live accompanist.
  • Prepare two contrasting songs - one 32-bar cut of a traditional musical theatre (pre-1980) and one 32-bar cut of a contemporary musical theatre song (1980-present) OR pop/rock song


  • Prepare 2 contrasting one-minute contemporary monologues
  • The selections should not require dialect, costume, or props


Submit a Ballet or a Jazz/Musical Theatre routine.  You may send both, but list them in 2 separate videos (ex: Dance 1, Dance 2).  The video may also be a clip from a performance.  Videos should be no longer than 1 minute in length.

  • Jazz/Musical Theatre: recommended movements:  multiple pirouettes, isolations, leaps, jumps, battements and/or turns. Show your musicality.
  • Ballett: recommended movements: pirouettes, jeté, pas de bourrée, waltz, piqué turn, battements, turns in second and/or fouettés.
  • Tap: If you are an experienced tap dancer, feel free to include an additional video (no longer than 1 minute in length). This would be in addition to your ballet/jazz video.

lease note: Due to the competitive nature of our Musical Theatre program, we welcome you to explore other options of study within the School of Fine and Performing Arts at Rider (see questionnaire in your audition/registration link).

Bachelor of Music - MUSICAL THEATRE - Piano
Applicants to the B.M. in Musical Theatre are STRONGLY encouraged to audtion on campus. 




Prepare three contrasting songs in popular styles (jazz, pop, rock, R&B, etc.) and perform from memory.

All selections must be accompanied. Use either pre-recorded tracks, accompany yourself, or provide sheet music in your key for the accompanist.

Please be sure that your selections also adhere to the following criteria:

1. An up-tempo selection (1/4 note = 130 bpm or faster)

2. A ballad (1/4 note = 90 bpm or slower)

3. One song of your choice (any style or genre including original compositions)

Auditions will also consist of brief music literacy and aural skills exercises.


Submit a digital portfolio of your songs. This should include materials such as recordings, compositions, lyric and/or chord sheet, and any other materials you feel would enhance your candidacy. This portfolio will help to inform your interview with a member of the Popular Music faculty. 

Choral Conducting Pre-Screening

All applicants must submit the pre-screening recording digitally using the link from your Rider Application Confirmation email..

Applicants must submit a preliminary screening recording in order to be considered for an invitation to an on-campus audition.

Deadline: Both the application and recording must be submitted no later than December 1.

We will no longer accept DVDs or VHS pre-screening recordings.

Recording Requirements:

  1. The recording must be in English.
  2. Twenty to thirty minutes of conducting/rehearsing a choir that the candidate regularly conducts, or an ad hoc group formed for the taping.
    (Previously recorded accompaniment is not accepted.)
  3. Camera positioned to show a head-on view.
  4. Music of contrasting tempi that demonstrates legato and marcato gesture.
  5. A list of works conducted.
  6. Follow the instructions for uploading the pre-screening recording found on the GitizenGroove website.
Please also upload the following:
  1. List of works conducted
  2. Resume
  3. Essay (statement of goals)
  4. Unofficial transcript

Our faculty will review all of the submitted pre-screening recordings and invite selected candidates to audition on campus.

Westminster Choir College Composition Majors

Undergraduate Applicants: 
Submit original scores which best demonstrate present abilities.  Please submit PDF files scores and recordings of these scores in MP3 format. In the absence of live/studio recordings, MIDI realizations, delivered in MP3 format, are an acceptable alternative.

Graduate Applicants:
Applicants should submit a portfolio of original works to include: 

  1. Three recent works which best demonstrate present abilities. One of which should be of moderate to large scale (e.g., movement of string quartet, choral work of at least 5 minutes). Please submit PDF files of the three representative scores and recordings of these scores in MP3 format. In the absence of live/studio recordings, MIDI realizations, delivered in MP3 format, are an acceptable alternative.
  2. Submit a list of all composition (this should include medium, date of composition, performance/reading of the piece).
  3. Compose a tonal, two-part invention based on the motive provided here: Invention Stimulus.
Westminster Choir College Masters of Voice Pedagogy Majors

Applicants should submit a portfolio of materials to include: 

  • A sample of academic/professional writing, new or previously composed. Examples include published, peer-reviewed articles; an original review of an article from the Journal of Voice, Journal of Singing, or other professional journal; a brief, original paper on a voice pedagogy topic.
  • Documentation of at least five years post-baccalaureate professional experience in the field. Candidates with significant prior teaching experience may include printed programs, audio recordings, reviews or letters of support from former or current students.
  • Audio or video recording demonstrating singing ability may be requested (need not be current).
Westminster Choir College Graduate Music Education Majors

Music Education (MM)

  • On-campus interview (or phone interview) with Dept of Mus Ed faculty member
  • Video recording

Master of Education (MME)

  • Unedited video recording at least 20 minutes in length of the candidate demonstrating proficiency in the selected focus area:
    • General Music or Kodály: classroom music teaching and/or rehearsing
    • Choral: rehearsing and conducting. It should not be a performance.

Choose your clothing for an audition day carefully. An audition is similar to a job interview, in terms of apparel.  The clothes for your audition should be somewhat dressy, appropriate, tasteful and generally conservative.  We suggest that you practice in the shoes you plan to wear. Jeans are not appropriate audition attire.

Show good judgment in the material you select to present for your audition. Choose audition material that is appropriate for your age and experience.

Be able to answer questions about your audition material. Don’t be caught off guard if the faculty asks a question about your song or monologue and it’s meaning or context. 

An accompanist will be provided for all vocal auditions. You will not be able to rehearse with the accompanist before your audition. Please be sure your music is well-marked and presented in a binder without sheet protectors. You will not be able to audition a cappella or with a recorded accompaniment. 

Musical Theatre and Theatre Performance applicants should bring two copies of a one page résumé and headshot. The headshot should be a recent 8 x 10 photograph. The résumé should include all training and experience you have had in music, theatre, and dance and be stapled to the back of the headshot. 

The Admission Office staff and artistic faculty are not able to provide individual feedback from student auditions because of the volume of candidates to consider. We ask your understanding, and thank you in advance.