Conditionally Admitted Students

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If your application decision is "Conditionally Admitted," please see below for an explanation. Complete details are included in your letter of admission, which has been (is is being) mailed to you.

View the explanations based on your application scenario:

Applied for the mathematics major

You’ve demonstrated strong potential for success and we recognize your desire to pursue the Mathematics major. Because Rider is committed to helping you reach the goals you’ve set for yourself, our faculty and staff will work with you as an undeclared major to ensure that you are ready to enter the Mathematics major fully prepared to succeed. Upon the recommendation of the Mathematics Department chairperson and completion of Algebra and Trigonometry (MTH 105) with a grade of B or better, you will be approved to enter the Mathematics major.

Beginning at your summer orientation, your advisor will help you to select appropriate courses to keep you on track toward graduation with no delays.

If your primary major is elementary education, you will be able to pursue your education major and declare your second major later on. Because secondary education requires a second major in an academic discipline, if your primary major is secondary education, you will be able to declare that major when you are ready to declare your mathematics major, provided you also meet the requirements for the secondary education major.

If you would prefer to choose another non-math, non-science major now, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

Applied for a performance major at Westminster Choir College
(Voice Performance, Organ Performance or Piano)

Based on your audition, the faculty feels that, although you have potential for success at Westminster you are not yet ready for the performance aspects of the degree. You have been offered admission to the Bachelor of Arts in Music degree at Westminster Choir College. Should you choose to enroll you will have an opportunity to explore the options that the Bachelor of Arts in Music provides. A letter has been mailed to you explaining this admission decision further.

Applied for Musical Theatre in the School of Fine and Performing Arts

We are not able to offer you admission to the Musical Theatre program, however, based on your audition results we feel that you have potential for success at Rider and have offered you admission to another of the majors in the School of Fine and Performing Arts. A letter has been mailed to you explaining this admission decision further.

Admitted through the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

Complete details will be included in your letter of admission, which will be mailed to you.

Your acceptance through the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) is offered at the recommendation of the program’s director, Mr. Rubin Joyner. Your selection for EOP was based upon the information you provided in support of your application. Enrollment in EOP results in significant financial and academic benefits that will enhance your success and Rider and in your future.

As an EOP student, you will begin your Rider experience when you attend the Pre-Freshman Program, a mandatory five-week residential summer program on our Lawrenceville Campus beginning July 10. The EOP staff will contact you shortly with information about the Pre-Freshman Program, as well as orientation, advisement, and other support services designed for your success at Rider University.

Admitted through Milestones Scholar Program

Real success in college, your career, and beyond requires that the individual fully realize his or her potential. You were admitted as a Milestones Scholar because your academic record shows that you possess promise to succeed at Rider by taking advantage of the features of MSP that are designed to help you develop your talents and skills. These features are described below.

The Milestones Scholars Program offers students a highly specialized learning experience for their first year at Rider. MSP is a unique academic program offered through our Student Success Center that provides motivated students with the assistance and guidance needed to achieve milestones. What are milestones? They are the goals you set for yourself with the help of your Success Coach. A Success Coach is part of the professional staff in the Student Success Center who will help you construct your Milestones Achievement Plan (MAP), a personalized roadmap to success. You'll begin working toward your Rider degree right away and can plan to complete your bachelor's degree within four years. With your Success Coach, you will create a four-year graduation plan and set targeted goals for your future.

To complete the MSP successfully you must:

  • attend the required Bridge to Success week from August 25 through August 30, 2019,
  • complete Freshman Seminar in your first semester,
  • keep in regular contact with your Success Coach,
  • and make progress toward the completion of your agreed upon Milestones Achievement Plan.

The successful student utilizes the academic support resources offered throughout the entire undergraduate experience at Rider University.

Detailed information will be included with your letter of admission in your acceptance packet.

Applied for University Preparation Program (UPP)

Students who applied for Kings Education’s University Preparation Program do not need to provide a TOEFL or IELTS score when applying for admission. These students must successfully complete level 4 of the UPP and meet the Rider University requirements for full admission.