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Education P-6 (A.A.) from Raritan Valley Community College to Elementary Education (B.A.) at Rider University

Education, P-6, (A.A.)
B.A. Elementary Education with a Second Undeclared Major in Liberal Arts (126 Credits)
First Semester      
ENGL 111 English Composition I 3 CMP 120 Expository Writing 3
CISY 102 Computer Literacy 3 Technology Elective Ʊ 3
BIOL with Lab
BIOL 111 Principles of Biology
4 Science Elective w Lab Ʊ
BIO 115 Principles of Biology I
MATH 107 Mathematical Reasoning for Educators I 1 3 MTH 150 Mathematics for Elem. Ed. Majors I
MTH 102 Finite Mathematics
Appreciation of the Arts 2 (Suggest:
ARTH 101 Art Appreciation
3 ART 120 Art & Society 3
  16   16
Second Semester      
ENGL 112 English Composition I 3 CMP 125 Research Writing 3
PSYC 103 Introduction to Psychology 3 PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology 3
COMM 101 Speech 3 COM 104 Speech Communications 3
MATH 108 Mathematical Reasoning for Educators II 3 MTH Elective Ʊ
MTH 151 Mathematics for Elem Ed. Majors II
History 3 (All listed courses in footnote transfer) 3 History Elective Ʊ 3
Foreign Language 4 3 Foreign Language Elective Ʊ 3
  18   18
Third Semester      
ECHD 255 Foundations of Early Childhood Education
(Combined with ECHD-280 = credit for Rider, Context of Schooling)
3 EDU 106 Context of Schooling A
depending on ECHD-255 & ECHD-280
PSYC 213 Educational Psychology
PSYC 216 Child Psychology
3 EDU 206 Developmental Educational Psych.
PSY 230 Child Development
Foreign Language 4 3 Foreign Language Elective Ʊ 3
History 3 (All listed courses in footnote transfer) 3 History Elective Ʊ 3
Free Elective 5 3 General Studies Elective Ʊ 3
  15   15
Fourth Semester      
ECHD 280 Field Exp. in Multicultural ECE Settings
(Combined with ECHD-255 = credit for Rider, Context of Schooling)
3 EDU 106 Context of Schooling A
(ECHD-255 & ECHD-280)
PHYS 130 Astronomy 4 PHY 180 Astronomy 3
SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology 3 SOC 101 Sociological Imagination 3
Philosophy 2 3 Philosophy Elective Ʊ OR
Gen. Studies Elective Ʊ
English Literature 2 3 English Literature Elective Ʊ 3
ANTH 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 3 SOC 110 Cultural Anthropology 3
  19   15
TOTAL 65/68 TOTAL 63

For Rider Course Option: Following completion of 30 credits, the Rider Intent to Enroll Form, and while a student at RVCC; students have the option to take a course at Rider that counts toward the Rider degree. If the RVCC student takes ECHD-255, Foundations of Early Childhood Education & PSYC-213, Educational Psychology they are eligible to take EDE-200 Effective Classroom Management.
EDE-200 Effective Classroom Management
See RVCC and Rider Transfer Representatives. Contact Information Listed below.

Raritan Valley Community College Footnotes
1 Mathematics by official placement test. Students may choose a higher level of math in discussion with an advisor/counselor or Education faculty.
2 Select a course from the appropriate category of the General Education list.
3 Choose from the following History course sequences: HIST 101 World Civilization I & HIST 102 World Civilization II OR HIST 201 US History: Beginnings to 1877 & HIST 202 US History: 1877 to Present.
4 A two semester sequence is required. Placement by examination is required for students who wish to continue studying a language previously studied. Students may not take courses below their placement level. For more information, see Foreign Language Placement Testing and Degree Requirements.
5 It is strongly recommended that students take a Visual & Performing Arts Elective.

Rider University Footnotes
As of 2014 the Department of Teacher Education has added a foreign language requirement of 3 credits to the Education curriculum.
Middle School & Early Childhood disciplines are classified as a Minor at Rider University.
As of September 1, 2015 The New Jersey Department of Education requires students to take and pass all sections of the Praxis – The Core Academic Skills for Educators Test (Test Code 5751) prior to formal entry into a teacher preparation program.
Ʊ – Students have a number of options to satisfy this requirement; courses will be evaluated on an individual basis.
RVCC Students interested in the College of Continuing Studies (CCS) at Rider should contact that division directly.
A – Student must earn a C+ Grade in all Education Courses for Transfer
Education students are required to earn a GPA of 3.00+ prior to student teaching.
Students are required to select a second major in a Liberal Arts & Sciences Discipline

Requirements are subject to change. This Advising Guide is best used in consultation with an advisor.


Course Number Rider University Course Name or Core Area Credits Notes* (if course can be taken at RVCC, indicate course number)
Remaining Elementary Education Courses:    
ELD 307 Emergent Literacy P-3

ELD 308 Fostering Language & Literacy Development 3  
ELD 375 Methods of Teaching Math in the Elementary Classroom 3  
ELD 376 Teaching Science, Social Studies & The Arts 3  
EDU 465 Student Teaching & Seminar 12  
  Sub Total Credits: 24  
Raritan Valley student must also fulfill the requirements of the Second Major
Varies per Second Major Requested

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