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Liberal Arts & Sciences (A.A.) from Mercer County Community College to History (B.A.) at Rider University

Liberal Arts, A.A.
History, B.A. (120 Credits)
ENG 101 English Composition I 3 CMP 120 Expository Writing 3
MAT 125 Elementary Statistics I 3 MTH 120 Intro to Applied Statistics 3
HIS Historical Perspective/Gen. Ed. Elective 1
HIS 101 History of Western Civil. To 1648
HIS 112 World History to 1500
3 History Elective Ʊ
HIS 150 World History to 1500
HIS 150 World History to 1500
World Language Elective 2 3 Foreign Language Elective Ʊ 3
Social Science General Education Elective 3 Suggest:
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology
3 PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology 3
  15   15
ENG 102 English Composition II 3 CMP 125 Research Writing 3
CMN 111 Speech: Human Communication
CMN 112 Public Speaking
3 COM 201 Communication Theory
COM 104 Speech Communication
HPE 110 Concepts of Health & Fitness 2 NOT TRANSFERRABLE 0
MAT Mathematics Elective 4 Suggest:
MAT 120 Mathematics for Liberal Arts
3 MTH 102 Finite Mathematics 3
World Language Elective 2 3 Foreign Language Elective Ʊ 3
Social Science General Education Elective 3 Suggest:
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
3 SOC 101 Sociological Imagination 3
  17   15
ENG Literature Elective 5 3 Literature Elective Ʊ 3
HIS Historical Perspective (Gen. Ed. Elective) Suggest:
HIS 102 History of West. Civil. Since 1648 OR
HIS 113 World History Since 1500
3 HIS 151 World History Since 1500 3
Humanities’ (General Education Elective) * Suggest:
Philosophy Course ( PHI-113, PHI-204, PHI-205, PHI-210)
3 Philosophy Elective Ʊ 3
Science Laboratory Elective Suggest:
BIO-113, PHY-111, CHE-106
3 Science Core Ʊ 3
Social Science Elective 6, * Suggest:
POL 102 State & Local Government
3 POL 200 NJ Government & Politics 3
  15   15
ENG Literature Elective 5 Suggest:
ENG 238 American History & Literature
3 Literature Elective Ʊ
ENG 210 Major American Authors
Science or Technology Elective 7 Suggest:
IST 101 Computer Concepts with Applications OR
IST 102 Computer Concepts with Programming
3 General Elective Ʊ 3
Diversity & Global Perspective Elective Suggest:
ANT 101 Anthropology
3 SOC 110 Cultural Anthropology 3
Social Science Elective 6, * 3 LAS Elective Ʊ 3
Program Elective 8 Suggest:
HIS 105 United States History to 1865
3 HIS 180 U.S. History I 3
  15   15

Rider Course Option
HIS 181 US History since 1877 OR
HIS 190 Europe to 1715 OR
HIS 191 Europe since 1715
Following completion of 30 credits and the Rider Intent to Enroll Form and while a student at Mercer; students have the option to take a course at Rider that counts toward the Rider degree. The selected course counts academically at both Mercer and Rider and allows the student to experience first-hand the academic environment at Rider. See Mercer or Rider Transfer Representatives. Contact information below.

Mercer County Community College Footnotes
1 Select from HIS 101, 102, 112, 113.
2 Courses must be taken in a progressive sequence limited to one language; start at 101 only if this is a new language for you. Choose carefully with a faculty advisor regarding the transferability of language courses.
3 Recommended: PSY 101 or SOC 101 or 107. These courses can be taken in any order.
4 MAT 126 recommended. MAT 120 or higher-level mathematics courses are acceptable alternatives. Consult your academic advisor and the institution(s) to which you plan to apply for transfer regarding their math requirements.
5 Select any 200-level ENG literature course (not limited to general education listings)
6 Select from all Social Science general education courses as well as many – not necessarily general education – in CMN, POL, PSY, SOC, and WGS course categories. The list of Social Science electives is available in the Liberal Arts Division or from an academic advisor. No more than six credits in any one Social Science discipline may be taken.
7 Choose carefully with assistance from a faculty advisor or transfer counselor. May be a second laboratory science or another general education Natural Science or Technology elective.
8 The list of approved program electives is available in the Liberal Arts Division or from an academic advisor.
* In addition to the two 200-level English literature courses, at least one Humanities or Social Science course must be at the 200 level.
† HPE 111 is an acceptable alternative.

Rider University Footnotes
Ʊ – Students have a number of options to satisfy this requirement; courses will be evaluated on an individual basis.
Mercer students interested in the College of Continuing Studies (CCS) at Rider should contact that division directly.
For transfer credit the Mercer student must have a grade of “C” or higher in all courses for transfer credit.

Requirements are subject to change. This Advising Guide is best used in consultation with an advisor.


Course Number Rider University Course Name or Core Area Credits Notes*
(if course can be taken at Mercer, indicate course number)

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