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Social Sciences Program, Political Science Option (A.A.) from Brookdale Community College to Political Science (B.A.) at Rider University

Social Sciences Program, Political Science Option, A.A.
Political Science B.A. (120 Credits)
Career Studies Credits:  Suggest:
POLI     101   Introduction to Political Science
3 POL    102   Understanding Politics 3
ENGL   121   English Composition: The Writing Process 3 CMP   120   Expository Writing 3
Humanities Credits –  Suggest 6 CR of Language 3/4 Foreign Language Core Ʊ 4
Mathematics Credits 1  Suggest: 
MATH   136  Mathematics for the Liberal Arts OR
MATH   137  Finite Mathematics OR
MATH   131  Statistics
3/4 MTH   102   Finite Mathematics
MTH   102   Finite Mathematics
MTH   120   Intro to Applied Statistics
Math/Science/Tech Competency Credits 1   Suggest:
COMP   129   Ethical Dim., Tech. & Info Lit.
3 CIS      185   Information Systems Essentials 3
  15/17   16/17
Career Studies Credits -  Suggest:
POLI     105   American National Government
3 POL    100   Introduction to American Politics 3
ENGL   122   English Composition: Writing & Research 3 CMP   125   Research Writing 3
History Credits   Suggest:
HIST     105   World Civilization I
3 HIS    150    World History to 1500 3
Social Sciences Credits   Suggest:
PSYC   105  Introduction to Psychology  OR
PSYC   106  Introduction to Psychology II
3 Social Science Credits Ʊ
PSY   100    Introduction to Psychology
Mathematics or Science Credits 1 3/4 Mathematics or Science Credits Ʊ 3
  15/16   15
Career Studies Credits -  Suggest:
POLI    227   Comparative Politics OR
POLI    115   State, County & Local Government
3 POL    216   Comparatives Political Systems
POL    200   New Jersey Government & Politics
SPCH   115   Public Speaking 3 COM   104   Speech Communications 3
Science Credits (with lab) 1   Suggest:
BIOL    105   Life Science  OR
CHEM  116  Chemistry in Life  OR
ENVR   107  Environmental Science
4 Science Credits (with lab) Ʊ
Science Core
Science Core
ENV   100   Intro. to  Environmental Sciences (3) OR
Science Core
Humanities Credits - Suggest 6 CR of Language 3/4 Foreign Language Core Ʊ 4
History Credits   Suggest:
HIST   106   World Civilization II
3 HIS    151    World History since 1500 3
  16/17   17
Career Studies Credits  Suggest:
POLI    225    International Relations OR
POLI    228    Environmental Politics & Policy
3 GLS   215    Global Politics
POL   327   Contemp. Issues in Amer. Public Policy
Social Science Credits   Suggest:
SOCI    101    Principles of Sociology
3 SOC   101   Sociological Imagination 3
Cultural & Global Awareness Credits 2   Suggest:
ANTH  105    Cultural Anthropology
3 SOC   110   Cultural Anthropology 3
Humanities Credits   Suggest:
PHIL    227    Introduction to Ethics
3 PHL   115   Ethics 3
Elective Credits 3 Elective Credits Ʊ 0/3
  15   12
TOTAL 60/64 TOTAL 60

Rider Course Option: 
ART   120  Art & Society

ART   120 Art & Society
Following completion of 30 credits and the Rider Intent to Enroll Form and while a student at Brookdale; students have the option to take a course at Rider that counts toward the Rider degree.  See Brookdale Transfer & Advising Representatives.  Contact information listed below.

Brookdale Community College:
(1) A minimum of 12 credits are required from the Mathematics, Sciences or Technological Competency knowledge areas.
(2) One course is required from the Cultural & Global Awareness knowledge area. Students may meet this requirement while simultaneously fulfilling the General Education requirement for another knowledge area.
The Transfer Advising Guide is a recommended plan of study.  Additional courses are transferrable as outlined on NJ Transfer for this major with the approval of a Rider University Advisor.

Rider University:
Ʊ Students have a number of options to fulfill this requirement; courses will be evaluated on an individual basis,
For transfer credit Brookdale students must have a grade of “C” or better in all courses.
Brookdale students interested in the College of Continuing Studies (CCS) at Rider should contact that division directly.

Requirements are subject to change. This Advising Guide is best used in consultation with an advisor.


Course Number Rider University Course Name or Core Area Credits Notes* (if course can be taken at Bucks, indicate course number)

Brookdale transfer students are subject to a 60 credit limit.  

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