Professor of Graduate Education

Areas of Expertise 

Visual Thinking: Potential and Strategies    

Creative Thinking Strategies for Individuals and Organizations

Research Interests 

Most recent work entails philosophical analyses, interdisciplinary theory development, and some qualitative research pertaining to the conceptual foundations for creative intelligence.

Professional Experience 

Leadership & Editing of Large-Scale Scholarly Projects

  • Editor of the national/international refereed journal Roeper Review (August 2005 - present).
  • Guest edited, by invitation, three special issues of the Roeper Review on the expansion of conceptual foundations (theory development and philosophical analyses).
  • Guest edited, by invitation, two special issues of the Journal for the Education of the Gifted on exploring theoretical foundations for gifted education).
  • Initiating and editing two interdisciplinary book projects on the dogmatism-high ability (giftedness, talent, creativity) nexus. Authors include the leading authorities on militarism, genocide, psychopathy, and critical theory, as well as prominent scholars of creativity, and giftedness.
  • Initiating and co-editing a book on an innovative school for the gifted.
  • Co-editing a book on complexity theory and creativity.
  • Initiated and edited an interdisciplinary book project on the moral-ethical aspects of high ability (giftedness, talent, creativity). Authors include educational researchers, critical theorists, psychologists, philosophers, political theorists, a bioethicist, a theoretical physicist, and others.
  • Initiated and edited an interdisciplinary book project on the theme of "creative intelligence"
  • Initiated an on-going series of modified book reviews for the Gifted Child Quarterly journal. The reviews import theory and research from multiple disciplines and draw implications for gifted education.
  • Publications editor of the Conceptual Foundations Division of the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) (Nov. 1999-2009)
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