Rider University is home to a vast array of academic and professional experts who are in great demand by the media in our community and around the world. Rider experts are available for media interviews upon request.

A number of Rider faculty and staff members are also available for speaking engagements. For inquiries about presentations to your school, company or organization, please e-mail or call.

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Ahia, Emmanuel Law
Amadio, William Business Forensics and Fraud, Information Systems
Ambrose, Don Education
Ansary, Nadia
Clipper (formerly Robbie Clipper Sethi), Roberta Literature
Cook, Ronald Entrepreneurship
Corman, Hope Economics
Denbo, Susan Law
Dombrowski, Stefan Psychology
Donovan, John Management and Organizational Culture
Dworkin, Ben Politics
Eder, Lauren Global Supply Chain Management, Information Systems
Golski, Stephanie Psychology
Gutin, Myra Communications
Husch, Jonathan Geology and Natural Disasters
Jacobson, Tamar Education
Jivoff, Paul Biology
Kamens, Michele Education
Kildea, Shawn Communications
Kutcher III, Eugene Management and Organizational Culture
McDonald, Roderick Culture and Sociology
McDowell, Evelyn Business Forensics and Fraud, Accounting
McMullen, Dorothy Business Forensics and Fraud, Accounting
Mendilow, Jonathan Politics
Meric, Ilhan Financial Markets
Miller, Joe Music
Miller, Tan Global Supply Chain Management
Mirchandani, Sharon Music
Moore, Aaron Communications, Social Media
Naar, Harry Art
Newman, Cynthia Consumerism and Marketing
Randall, Maury Financial Markets
Riggs, James Biology
Sanchez, Maria Business Forensics and Fraud, Accounting
Simonet, Thomas Communications, Social Media
Suler, John Psychology
Sullivan, Jack Culture and Sociology, Literature