The Choral Warm-Up: Pedagogy and Science

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The Choral Warm-Up: Pedagogy and Science

August 5 - 9, 2019

James Jordan

Corey Everly, Sean McCarther, Kathy Price

I thoroughly enjoyed this Choral Warm-Up class at Westminster.  It was expertly taught and presented cutting edge, ground breaking techniques that will have a significant influence on choral music globally.  The week was most professionally presented with a variety of  interesting specialists under the unique and inspiring leadership of James Jordan. There was also time for humor and fun which enriched the entire experience. This is a program to be recommended to any choral director, music educator or interested choral singer.

Blanaid Murphy
Director, St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral Dublin, Irel;and
Lecturer in Choral Studies at the Royal Irish Academy in Dublin

This is the second year for this new and exciting course dealing with vocal pedagogy, voice science and incorporating  both into a “system” of warming up your choir that will improve the vocal technique, sound and intonation of ensembles at any level.  . In the late 1970’s, Frauke Haasemann introduced Group Vocal Technique to America through her work with the renowned Wilhelm Ehmann and the Westminster Choirs.  For almost 20 years, that course was offered at Westminster Summer sessions and was legendary for the hundreds of people who were fortunate to attend. After a hiatus, the course returns taught by her student, James Jordan. This new course now reflects years of development and change. Dr. Jordan will share the vocal pedagogies that have been critically hailed on the recordings of the Westminster Williamson Voices, including their Grammy-Nominated recording, Annelies.

This course will merge the latest rehearsal warm-up pedagogy with Voice Science. The Voice Science portion will be taught by two of Westminster’s voice faculty and voice scientists, Sean McCarther and Kathy Price using their new book, The Anatomy of Tone. This course supports and supplements the popular online course presently being taught by Dr. Jordan each year ( practices). Participants in the class will be taught fundamental vocal technique and its pedagogy and will be taught the proper pedagogical structuring and sequencing of the choral warm-up that leads to healthy vocalism in the choral rehearsal regardless of the age or experience of the ensemble. The role of appropriate and supportive conducting gesture will also be shared. The science and pedagogy of resonance, breathing, onset, vowel production, legato and the role of consonants and the art and science of choral standing positions will be explored in depth in addition to the challenges of teaching older singers.

The class will allow the class to use the new text, The Complete-Warm-Up Sequences as a framework for each and every warm-up incorporating in a daily basis the essential principles taught in this class.

Faculty: James Jordan, Director; Corey Everly, Sean McCarther, and Kathy Price

$825 non-credit/$1415 with 2 graduate credits

Required texts:
(all texts will be available at Westminster Music and Books located on campus)

The Complete Choral Warm-Up Sequences.  Jordan, James; Bororwer, Jesse. Chicago,The Choral Warm-Up.  Jordan, James.  Chicago:2018
The Anatomy of Choral Tone, Jordan, James; McCarther, Sean; Price, Kathy. Chicago: GIA

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