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2019 Special Guest Faculty

Makoto Fijimuro

The Choral Institute at Oxford is proud to announce that Makoto Fujimura, will be at CIO to speak about the spiritual and human jouney of artists/musicians and how we can better tap into our “abundance ” as musicians. Fujimura is an acclaimed artist, perhaps one of the world’s most significant voices regarding Culture Care, and the role of arists in our world. His inspirational speeches have deeply impacted artists around the world. More information can be found about his work around the world can be found at

2018 Faculty

Stephen Darlington (Christ Church)

Edward Higginbottom (Emeritus Professor of Choral Music)

James Jordan (co-Director)

Steve Pilkington  (Associate Professor Bristol Chapel)

James Whitbourn (co-Director)

Mark Williams (Magdalen College) 

Benjamin Nicholas

Jason Vodicka

Headshot of James Jordan
Professor; Director, Westminster Conducting Institute; Co-Director, Choral Institute at Oxford
Williamson Hall 34

Grammy-nominated conductor James Jordan is recognized and praised throughout the musical world as one of America’s pre-eminent conductors, recording artists, writers, music psychologists and innovators in choral music. He was described as a “visionary” by Choral Journal, which cited his book Evoking Sound as a “must read.” His more than 40 books explore both the philosophical and spiritual basis of musicianship, as well as aspects of choral rehearsal teaching and learning, and they are considered to be essential references in the conducting profession.

James Whitbourn
Co-Director, Choral Institute at Oxford; Composer and Honorary Research Fellow of St Stephen’s House, Oxford

Visit his webpage:

Headshot of Steve Pilkington
Associate Professor
Bristol Chapel

Associate Professor of Sacred Music; Director of Chapel. BA, St. Olaf College; MM, University of Illinois. Ph.D, Drew University