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Private Lessons and Classes/Ensembles

Open registration for new students begins on June 12, 2017. The fall semester begins on September 11, 2017. Students may register at any time in the academic year. Once a student is scheduled with a teacher, lessons or classes will be pro-rated for the remainder of the year and the student will receive a bill for the pro-rated number of lessons.

  • Complete the Registration Form—PDF (one form per student; form may be duplicated)
  • Be sure to list specific class time or widest availability for private lessons.
  • To facilitate placement for private lessons, it is recommended that students complete the Student Profile Form, and submit it with the registration form.
  • Sign the registration form (required), indicating that you understand and accept the Conservatory’s policies as outlined in this catalog and on the website.
  • Return the forms by mail, by fax, online, or in person with the non-refundable $40 family registration fee and the appropriate tuition deposit (see below).

Please note: We cannot take registration over the phone or confirm lessons for unregistered students. Students will be notified of their lesson/class time by telephone or by mail once the best placement for the student has been determined.

Payment Due With Registration Form

$40 non-refundable registration fee per family plus tuition deposit:

  • Private lessons (30 minutes):  $150 per student per instrument
  • Private lessons (45 minutes):  $200 per student per instrument
  • Private lessons (60 minutes):  $250 per student per instrument
  • Rhymes and Rhythms: $100 per mini-session
  • Musical Playground and Musical Threes: $150 per mini-session
  • All Other Classes:  $75 per student per class
  • Performing Ensembles:  $75 per student per ensemble
  • Young Artist:  $500 per student (non-refundable)
  • Young Musician:  $500 per student (non-refundable)
  • Young Music Scholar: $150 per student

Family Discount

Families who register for 4 or more Conservatory offerings receive a 5 percent discount off their tuition.

Senior Citizen Discount

Senior citizens (age 60 and older) receive a 15 percent discount off their tuition.

Rider University discount

Rider University students, faculty, and staff (including family members) receive a 20 percent discount off their tuition. In addition, the $40 registration fee is waived.

Payment Information

  • A 1.5% finance charge is applied monthly to unpaid balances. There will be a $30 charge for all returned checks.
  • Payments may be made by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express either by mail, in person, by telephone, or online at