Performing Ensembles

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Grades K-adult

The ensemble experience can be one of the most rewarding aspects of music study. Whether in a choir, orchestra, or chamber group, joining with others to create music for the full year builds musicianship, provides motivation for individual study, and continually challenges the performer with new works. It also happens to be lots of fun!

There are audition/placement requirements for all ensembles with the exception of Choral Readiness and Schola Choir. Students who audition for an ensemble and are not accepted will receive a full refund of all fees and deposits. For more information on audition requirements, contact the main Conservatory office at 609-921-7104.

Choral Ensembles

  • Choral Readiness
    Katherine Chen, Instructor
    Grades K-1
    Choral Readiness focuses on music making appropriate for children ages 5 to 7 years, with an emphasis on vocal music development, and serves as the training choir for Schola Choir. Singing games and movement provide a repertoire of musical experiences from which lessons in music theory and singing are derived. Basic musicianship skills are taught, including healthy singing and tonal and rhythmic music reading. Musical repertoire includes both folk and art music of high quality. The choir will have the opportunity to perform at least once on the Westminster campus or off campus. Choral Readiness is comprised of both experienced and inexperienced singers. Enrollment is limited. Princeton location only.
    Number of rehearsals: 32
    Rehearsal length: 45 minutes
    Tuition: $416
  • Schola Choir
    Yvonne Macdonald, Conductor
    Grades 2-3
    This ensemble serves as the training choir for Concino Choir. Rehearsal time is spent on the development of vocal, choral, and sight-reading skills. Repertoire is studied in both unison and parts and concerts are presented with both the older and the younger choirs. A variety of choral repertoire is introduced, culminating in performances on the Westminster Choir College and Princeton University campuses. Princeton location only. 
    Number of rehearsals: 32
    Rehearsal length: 55 minutes
    Tuition: $432
    Materials fee: $20
  • Concino Choir
    Patty Thel, Conductor
    Grades 4-5
    The choral repertoire for Concino Choir spans various periods and styles of music. Students are expected to commit for the full academic year. Concino Choir performs at Westminster Choir College and in the Princeton area throughout the year, including an annual concert with the Westminster Community Orchestra. This past year the choir sang at the Governor's mansion and in Richardson Auditorium at Princeton University. An audition/interview is necessary for new students to determine vocal range and prior experience. Students who are moving up from Schola Choir are not required to audition. Princeton location only.
    Number of rehearsals: 32
    Rehearsal length: 60 minutes
    Tuition: $432
    Materials fee: $20
  • Cantus Choir (Middle & High School Honors Choir) 
    Patricia Thel & Chaquan Anderson Conductor
    Grades 6-12
    Cantus Choir performs frequently at Westminster Choir College, Princeton University, and in other venues as opportunities arise. Each year the choir sings children’s choral literature with the Westminster Community Orchestra. Repertoire includes a variety of sacred and secular choral music of the highest quality. Over the past 10 years, the choir has performed at the National Cathedral, at the United Nations, at Weill Recital Hall in Carnegie Hall by special invitation, and six times at the White House by invitation, including a performance there in 2017. The choir performs each year at Drumthwacket, the Governor’s mansion. In the past, the choir has done recordings for ETS and Silver Burdett. The choir has also premiered new works which were subsequently published. There is an emphasis on sight-reading and vocal production in addition to performing in large venues. New students are accepted by audition, and are accepted by their ability and desire to sing. Students who are moving up from Concino are not required to audition. Princeton location only.
    Number of rehearsals: 32
    Rehearsal length: 90 minutes
    Tuition: $528
    Materials fee: $20
  • Westminster Conservatory Youth Chorale
    Jason Vodicka, conductor
    Grades 9 -12
    The Westminster Conservatory Youth Chorale is composed of talented high school students from New Jersey, Pennsylvania and other surrounding states. The ensemble is open to all students in grades 9-12 who have a love of choral singing and desire to perform at a high level. The Youth Chorale comes together twice a year to prepare and perform choral masterworks.
    Tuition: $35 (Per 2-day rehearsal and performance)
  • Westminster Community Chorus
    Alicia Brozovich, Conductor
    The Westminster Community Chorus provides an opportunity for high school singers and adults in the community to share the pleasure of choral singing. The chorus is open to amateur singers from beginning to advanced. Westminster is renowned for choral excellence and this long-standing tradition will be shared with the community. Rehearsals will culminate with two or three performances per year. Audition required for new members. Princeton location only.
    Number of rehearsals: 32
    Rehearsal length: 2 hours
    Tuition: $288
    Materials fee: $35

Instrumental Ensembles

  • Westminster Community Orchestra
    Ruth Ochs, Conductor
    This full-size orchestra offers adults in the community the opportunity to share the pleasure of orchestral playing. The ensemble is open to dedicated amateur musicians from intermediate to advanced levels. Coaching, sectional rehearsals, and Princeton-area performances throughout the year are an integral part of the program. Past performances have included Bartók’s Concerto for Orchestra, Brahms’ Symphony No. 2, and Copland’s Billy the Kid Suite. Inquiries welcome during the year. Audition required. For information, e-mail [email protected]. Princeton location only.
    Number of rehearsals: 32
    Rehearsal length: 2-1/2 hours
    Tuition: $288

Performing Ensemble Faculty
Chaquan Anderson
Katherine Chen
Alicia Brozovich
Yvonne Macdonald
Ruth Ochs
Patricia Thel
Jason Vodicka