Introduction to Musical Gateways

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Director: Jennifer Garr
Ages 4.5 – Grade 1 (students should be the minimum age of 4 ½ by 9/15/20)
July 6 - August 14

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Early Childhood Virtual Summer Experiences

Come join us this summer for a virtual music class experience with the Westminster Conservatory of Music Early Childhood Program!  Our virtual classes will extend for six weeks over the summer, from the week of July 6th - August 14th.  

Our classes will consist of 3 components:

  1. Zoom classes twice a week where we will learn new songs, interact with other children, and engage with Guest Musicians.  All Zoom classes are recorded, inviting the children to rewatch the classes and also allowing children who are unable to attend that specific class to still be included in the learning experience.** 
  2. Video content and interactive activities utilizing the online platform Seesaw.  Seesaw takes student’s learning beyond just watching a video and allows them to interact with both the lessons and teacher to demonstrate their creativity and engagement with the content.  View our introductory video for more about this child-friendly platform.
  3. Weekly emails (or in some cases, “snail mail”), providing each student with hands-on projects and manipulatives to enhance their learning.

This virtual experience is very flexible for families and is a perfect fit for busy summer schedules. Children can participate at their own pace and they can also repeat their favorite activities. Best of all, since the only requirement is a device with internet access, children can be happily engaged in a fun musical activity virtually anywhere - even in those long “social distancing” wait lines.  Read more about the specific classes offered below:

Introduction to Musical Gateways Level ½: 

For children ages 4 ½ - 5 ½ (students should be the minimum age of 4 ½ by 9/15/20)

In the year-long class Musical Gateways ½, we will learn all about the many wonderful instruments that make up the orchestra. In our 6-week summer class, we will be using our rhythm instrument kit (included with the materials fee) to explore the many facets of instrument play as we learn about each instrument and incorporate them into songs and student-orchestrated musical stories.  

Introduction to Musical Gateways Level ¾:

For students entering First Grade (or returning students entering Kindergarten)

In Gateways 3 and 4 we study Music around the World, and Music through Time. In our summer class, we will take a fun trip around the globe to discover the folksongs and unique instruments of many different cultures. We will also explore the instruments and major composers of Western music from Ancient times through our modern era.

Program Costs

Tuition fee for 6 weeks: $108

Materials fee:  $35 

**Zoom classes will be conducted on Rider’s Pro Zoom platform which has been configured especially for educators with a secure-entry protocol and utilizing password encrypted invitations to all online events