Pre-Teen Virtual Voice Classes

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Instructor: Susan Gaylord
Grades 5 – 7
August 3 - 7
July 6 - August 14 (12 classes)

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Virtual Voice Summer Experiences

For beginning voice students aged 12 and younger, we highly recommend small-group vocal study before enrolling in private vocal instruction. Our voice classes are designed to meet the needs of the young singer who is not yet old enough for private voice lessons by incorporating several components of music learning into each class: music reading, tone-production skills, singing technique, and critical listening skills. The computer tech does not (yet) exist that will allow our virtual class to hear each other when they sing as a group. However, the online platforms we will be using do excel in helping to train our singers in proper pitch identification and production. In addition, their formats encourage a great deal of individual attention to each student’s singing.

Access to a piano, keyboard, or Keyboard App is recommended, but is not mandatory. The only required equipment is a cell phone or a computer/tablet, and a reliable internet connection.

Our Virtual Voice classes will consist of 3 components:

  1. Zoom classes, twice a week, where students will learn the basics of a sound vocal technique (breathing, posture, diction), fundamental musical skills (sight reading, rhythm recognition), and the interpretation of text (acting for singers). All Zoom classes are recorded, inviting the students to re-watch the classes and also allowing students who are unable to attend a specific class to still be included in the learning experience.** 
  2. Video content and interactive musical activities utilizing the online platform, Seesaw. Seesaw takes a student’s learning beyond just watching a video and allows them to interact with both the lessons and their teacher to demonstrate their creativity and engagement with the content.  For more information about this user-friendly platform, there are several introductory videos available. Ms. Gaylord’s favorites are:
    1. Welcome to Seesaw
    2. Seesaw: What You Need to Know 
    3. Mr. Thielen
  3. Audio access to the piano accompaniment tracks of our selected songs, and “sing-along” tracks of beginner vocal exercises. The exercises will serve as “voice builders” and will facilitate the student’s practice time. The accompaniment tracks will be used and to prepare a performance of one of their favorite songs of the summer for a fun end-of-camp online recital to be presented at our last class.

**Zoom classes will be conducted on Rider’s Pro Zoom platform which has been configured especially for educators with a secure-entry protocol and utilizing password encrypted invitations to all online events.


Open to singers already enrolled in PTVC and to new students entering grades 5-7 in the Fall.

Students learn the basics of a sound vocal technique (breathing, posture, diction) and fundamental musical skills (sight reading, rhythm recognition). During our summer sessions, the Pre-teen class will be taught practical and healthy techniques for learning new songs, and will be provided access links to pre-recorded tracks of their repertoire. Along with our class study of their music and its texts, they will be encouraged to make several simple recordings of themselves singing along with these tracks. Their teacher, and occasionally, a Guest Artist, will provide valuable feedback both in class and via email.  

Class size is limited to 4 Preteens per class.  

Class Time:

Tuesday and Thursday 11:00-11:55 a.m.             

Program Costs:

Tuition fee for 12 classes (2 per week): $260

(Includes instructional materials)