All Fine Arts majors who concentrate in Art complete courses in the history of art, dance, music and theatre, and introductory and advanced courses in drawing, design and painting.

B.A. Fine Arts / Art (120 credits)

Required Art Courses 39 Credits
ART 103 Fundamentals of Drawing 3
ART 104 Survey of Art History I 3
ART 105 Design 3
ART 106 Survey of Art History II 3
ART 204 Fundamentals of Painting 3
ART 304 Drawing II 3
ART 305 Intermediate Painting A-B-C 3
ART 492 Advanced Studio Workshop 3
  Two electives in art history or studio art 6
  One history course each in dance, music
and theatre
General Education Courses 42-43
Free Electives 38-39