The Music Studies Minor requires 18 credits

Music Minor
Required Courses


Survey of Music History I

MUS-106 Survey of Music History II  

Four courses from the following:
At least two of these courses must be at the 300 or 400 level. 

MUS-204 Jazz History  
MUS-205 History of Pop and Rock:  Part I - Orgins to the 1970s  
MUS-206 History of Pop and Rock:  Part II - The 1970s to Today  
MUS-208 Music of the Theatre  
MUS-209 Great Composers  
MUS-217 Black Music in America  
MUS-218 Postmodernism and Popular Music  
MUS-300 Beethoven and the Romantic Age  
MUS-304 Music of the Beatles  
MUS-306 Contemporary Musical Experience  
MUS-307 The Music of Radiohead  
MUS-309 Film Music  
MUS-495 Selected Topics in Music History