Arts Administration Core Descriptions

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Arts Administration Core Course Descriptions

Required Arts Administration Core Courses (41 credits)

Arts Administration Intro
Arts Administration Lab
Arts Practicum I (Patron Service)
Arts Fundraising
Arts Marketing and Communications
Introduction to Business
Introduction to Accounting
Arts Outreach and Education
Arts Venue and Patron Services
Arts Events and Festivals
Arts Politics and Policy
Legal Aspects of the Arts
New York Arts Network

Course Descriptions and Titles
AAD 121:   Arts Administration Intro

Provides foundational understanding of the establishment, functioning and institution-building of arts organizations in America, affording a working knowledge of what goes into producing and managing the arts.  This is the gateway course for majors and minors, and a great basis of knowledge for those majoring, or simply interested in, performing or visual arts.

AAD 100:   Arts Administration Lab
This course provides foundational, topical information and skillsets relating to general university life, personal growth & professional development.  Lab is required of all majors.
AAD 225:   Arts Practicum I (Patron Services)
This course engages majors in acquisition and practical application of skillsets, particularly focusing on the patron service-focused experiential learning including ticketing, box office and front-of-house vis-a-vis campus productions, gallery showings and other fine & performing arts activities on campus.
AAD 203:    Arts Fundraising
This course focuses on what motivates individuals, corporations, foundations and government entities to give to the arts and imparts foundational information and skillsets necessary to develop fundraising plans and approaches for nonprofit arts.  Classroom learning is applied through the creation and presentation of a comprehensive fundraising plan and its various components.
AAD 202:   Arts Marketing and Communications
This course focuses on historical and contemporary approaches to marketing the arts, strategies for creating effective advertising and public relations activities and the planning and implementation tools & processes for institutional as well as project-based marketing & communication of arts.  Classroom learning is applied through the creation and presentation of a comprehensive marketing plan and its various components.
CBA 110:   Introduction to Business
This course is offered through Rider's acclaimed College of Business Administration and affords students fundamental knowledge, skillsets and best practices in the planning and running of various business models which are essential to any administrative program.
ACC 210:   Introduction to Accounting
This course is offered through Rider's acclaimed College of Business Administration and affords students fundamental knowledge, skillsets and best practices in accounting which are essential to any administrative program.  
AAD 204:   Arts Outreach and Education
This course examines the essential educational components of arts institutions, how they evolve and are produced, and assesses the importance of educational programming to arts organizations and the communities that they serve.
AAD 350:   Arts Venue and Patron Services
This course examines the broad variety of types, sizes and purposes of arts venues in context of the communities they serve, how they evolve, are created and managed and the various components which go into the effective running of and producing within arts venues.  Included in this course are key aspects relating to Patron Services, ranging from front-of-house management to box office. Practical application of Patron Service learning occurs through the separate "Practicum I" course.
AAD 309:   Arts Events and Festivals

This course examines the historical context as well as development, producing and staffing of successful arts events while refining planning skills through practice with theoretical and real arts event venues.  The course culminates with students producing, staffing and evaluating of a multi-faceted campus arts festival.

AAD 400:   Arts Politics and Policy

This course explores arts and political policy, funding and advocacy in America through the lens of historical periods which shaped, and were shaped by moments and movements in the arts.  How policies develop and are shaped by broader socio-political forces and decisions, and how effective advocacy for the arts is shaped and articulated is explored.

AAD 308:   Legal Aspects of the Arts

This course provides foundational understanding and skillsets relating to the role and instruments of law in the arts and entertainment industries, examining the relationship between arts, artists and institutions and various legal aspects which govern the producing and enjoyment of arts.  Topics explored range from First Amendment protections to intellectual property rights yesterday, today and in the future.

AAD 401:   New York Arts Network

This course engages upperclassmen and women majors in face-to-face dialogue and networking with significant arts leaders among a variety of institutions in the world's cultural capital, New York.  Students research a variety of institutions and institutional leaders in advance of weekly meetings in the City, then apply what has been learned in earlier major courses in evaluating & reporting on how those institutions are managed and the level to which they are contributing to the broader arts world.

AAD 406:   Internship

This internship is the culminating experience through which students apply knowledge and skillsets acquired throughout their university career in the workplace through meaningful opportunities coordinated and advised by senior faculty members.