Mission & Vision

The School of Fine and Performing Arts focuses on art, dance, music, music theater, theater and arts administration.  Through programs that provide a historical, aesthetic, practical and professional perspective, students develop the skills to excel in a professional career while growing intellectually from a broadly based liberal arts curriculum.  The School fosters meaningful engagement in the arts by students who wish to become professional artists as well as students who view the arts as an integral part of overall intellectual growth.  The School nurtures and challenges the artist within all students and prepares them to contribute to an ever-changing global society.

Westminster Choir College is a professional college of music with a unique choral emphasis that prepares undergraduate and graduate students for careers in performance, teaching, sacred music, and composition. In an atmosphere that encourages personal and musical growth and nurtures leadership qualities, Westminster Choir College complements professional training in music with studies in the liberal arts. Founded for Christian service, Westminster Choir College was a pioneer in establishing the highest standards in choral performance and church music. Today, the curriculum teaches pluralism and holds service through music to be ennobling, liberating, and integral to a rewarding and productive life.