Double Major Requirements

Management and Leadership and Human Resource Management Double Major (30 semester hours)

MGT-310 Introduction to Human Resource Management 3
MGT-355 Team Management 3
MGT-363 Management Skills 3
Plus seven of the following courses, including at least three of the first five listed
HRM-312 Introduction to Labor Relations 3
HRM-315 Employee Selection and Training 3
HRM-316 Employee Compensation Systems 3
HRM-333 Employee Engagement  
MGT-320 Managing Workforce Diversity 3
MGT-336 Career Management 3
MGT-346 Negotiation 3
MGT-348 Small Business Management 3
MGT-375 International Management 3

Selected Topics in Management and Organizational Behavior
Selected Topics in Human Resource Management
(either 421 or 441 can be taken, not both)
MGT-490 Independent Research Study 3
HRM-490 Independent Research Study 3

An average grade of “C” or better is required in the 30 semester credit hours that are required for the management and leadership and human resource management double major. Majors are encouraged to take either MGT-491 Internship in Management and Leadership OR HRM-492 Internship in Human Resource Management as a business or free elective.

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