Frequently Asked Questions

Who is required to have a laptop?
All students who choose to major in Accounting and/or IS will be required to have a laptop as part of their degree program. This requirement will give students the opportunity to make the most of educational and professional software commonly employed in the business community.

How do I purchase a laptop through Rider’s discount program?
Information on how to purchase a computer through the discount program can be found here.
Any further questions can be answered by calling the OIT help desk at (609) 219-3000.

Will I have access to printers?
Printers are located in student computer labs across campus. Students also have the option of buying a printer.

Do I need to backup information on my laptop?
Yes. It is your responsibility to backup any personal information/files on your laptop. This will be necessary in the event of any hardware/software issues resulting in the loss of data.

Will I have access to the campus network?
All laptops should be equipped to access Rider’s network using wireless technology and traditional network cards.