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Mission Statement

  • Fostering student-centeredness through classes, seminars and close faculty-student advising and mentoring resulting in an educational experience with breadth and depth.
  • Providing students with a global perspective culminating in an enhanced cross-cultural sensitivity through courses, study abroad opportunities and travel to foreign locations.
  • Connecting students to the larger community through service learning opportunities, joint student-faculty research, independent student research and study, quality internships and significant co-operative experiences
  • Developing students with the value of self-reflection, the benefits of community service and an appreciation of social justice that serves as a foundation for leadership, graduate or professional study, successful careers and meaningful lives.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences seeks to encourage students to develop a broad understanding and appreciation of the main areas of human knowledge and values. It seeks to accomplish this goal by means of a well-defined core curriculum and clearly defined and freely chosen specialized majors. Its central objectives are to provide preprofessional competence in the liberal arts and sciences and to prepare the student for a lifetime of learning that is responsive to change. The student is introduced to disciplines that provide the basis for a critical assessment of the value of change, and to the changes in knowledge and values that affect human life and institutional structures.

All students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences must meet with their advisors, at least once a semester, during the course selection period. Students registering in-person at the Registrar’s office must obtain their advisor’s signature on their course request forms. Students registering on-line must have their advisor “green-light” them in the on-line system.

Students in good academic standing may receive permission from the office of the dean to enroll as double majors, or as minors, provided they first seek and receive the approval of the departments concerned. Such students will be expected to meet all the requirements of each major, or of the minor, and will be assigned an advisor in each department.