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The Science and Technology Advanced Research Institute (STARI) offers Ph.D. level scientists the opportunity to formally affiliate with Rider University.  STARI Associates may apply for collaborative research grants from corporations, foundations, and government agencies, conduct their research on campus, and work with our students on projects connected to a wide range of topics.

STARI Associates add to the opportunities we provide to students by conducting research on campus in areas complementary to/outside of our faculty members’ expertise.  Although Associates are not University faculty members, they are expected to involve students in their scholarly work and are permitted to apply for positions as adjunct instructors at the University under the relevant terms of the collective bargaining agreement between the University and the Rider Chapter of the AAUP.

The main benefit of joining STARI is the ability to apply for federal, state and private grant funds available to nonprofit institutions.  All grant applications by STARI Associates will be subject to the standard grant application approval process and procedures in effect at the University at the time the grant is prepared.  They are also subject to approval by the Facilities Monitoring Committee with regard to anticipated demands upon Rider laboratories and other facilities and equipment.

How to become a STARI Associate:

  1. Contact the chair of the department in which your scholarship fits best to discuss the STARI affiliation:
       Biology/Behavioral Neuroscience—Jonathan Karp
       Chemistry/Biochemistry/Physics—Alexander Grushow
       Geological/Environmental/Marine Sciences—Jonathan Husch
       Mathematics—Charles Schwartz
       Psychology—Anne Law
  2. Submit a description of the research you plan to carry out, your C.V. and a letter from the chair of your sponsoring department to the Associate Dean of Science, who will convene a committee of chairs for approval.
  3. Once your application is approved, we will reach mutual agreement on the terms of the relationship between you and Rider, based on a standard Research Agreement.  This will involve legal documents addressing:
       Space allocation
       Instrumentation access
       Intellectual property rights connected to research
       Facilities and conduct
       Rights and responsibilities
       Records and reporting
  4. The STARI board conducts annual reappointment reviews on the basis of reports filed by Associates at the end of each fiscal year (June).