GEMS Faculty & Staff

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All department faculty and staff can be reached at the Department of Geological, Environmental, and Marine Sciences (GEMS), Rider University, 2083 Lawrenceville Road, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648-3099; 609-896-5092. Other faculty involved with GEMS programs and courses can be reached through there respective departments at the same street address. Individual faculty and staff phone numbers and email addresses are given below. Additional information about the individual can be found by clicking on their name in the following listing.

Headshot of Kathleen Browne
GEMS Department Chair, Associate Professor
SCI 324C

Dr. Kathleen M. Browne (GEMS Chair) received her Ph.D. from the University of Miami in 1993 and currently holds the rank of Associate Professor of Geological and Marine Sciences. Kathy was appointed GEMS Chair in 2017. Her Ph.D. thesis investigated the processes controlling the formation of lamination in Bahamian cyanobacterial mats and mounds known as stromatolites. Kathy's research interests focus on the interaction of sedimentological, biological, and chemical processes producing cyanobacterial mats in subtropical, carbonate environments in the Bahamas and Australia.

Headshot of Daniel Druckenbrod
Director of Sustainability; Associate Professor
SCI 323F

Background Information

Headshot of Jonathan Husch
SCI 323D

Dr. Jonathan M. Husch received his doctorate from Princeton University in 1982 and currently holds the rank of Professor of Geological and Environmental Sciences. A member of the Rider faculty since 1980, he served as GEMS Chair from 2006 until 2017. Jon's Ph.D. dissertation was a study of the petrogenesis and evolution of Paleozoic anorthosites and related rocks associated with subvolcanic ring complexes, Air Massif, Republic of Niger. In addition to his teaching responsibilities at Rider, Jon has been a faculty member at the Princeton-Penn-YBRA Geology Field Camp in Red Lodge, Montana.

Reed Schwimmer
Associate Professor
SCI 323E

Dr. Reed A. Schwimmer, a 1984 Rider geosciences graduate, received his M.S. degree in geology from Bryn Mawr College in 1986 and his Ph.D. in geology from the University of Delaware in 1999. Reed currently holds the rank of Associate Professor of Geological and Marine Sciences. Reed has a broad background in the Earth sciences, particularly in coastal geology and geomorphology. Reed's primary research focuses on the development and evolution of coastal salt marshes and barrier islands in New Jersey, and elsewhere along the Atlantic coast.

Headshot of Gabriela Smalley
Associate Professor
SCI 323A

Dr. Gabriela Smalley received her Ph.D. in marine and estuarine environmental sciences from the University of Maryland in 2002. She currently holds the rank of Associate Professor of Geological and Marine sciences. Before joining the department in 2004, she held a postdoctoral position at the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Chemical Ecology Laboratory in Savannah. Gabi has a broad background in oceanography, particularly in biological oceanography, and teaches the oceanography courses for marine sciences majors at Rider University. Her research interests focus on plankton ecology.

Headshot of Hongbing Sun
SCI 323C

Dr. Hongbing Sun received his doctorate from Florida State University in 1995, specializing in hydrology and water and soil quality related issues. He currently holds the rank of Professor of Geological and Environmental Sciences. Hongbing’s broad research interests include environmental health, hydrogeology, soil science and quality, and coastal oceanography.

Headshot of William Gallagher
Adjunct Assistant Professor
SCI 344

Dr. William B. Gallagher received his Ph.D. in geology from the University of Pennsylvania in 1990 where his doctoral dissertation investigated the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary and its associated mass extinction event. Bill currently holds the rank of Adjunct Assistant Professor and was, until his retirement in 2008, the Assistant Curator of Natural History, Collections and Exhibits, Natural History Bureau, New Jersey State Museum.

Randy  Kertes
Adjunct Instructor

Randy S. Kertes, PG, CPG, is the Vice President of Science and Land Use for Sadat Associates, Inc. (Trenton, NJ). Randy received his B.S. in Geosciences from Rider University in 1984 and a M.S. in Geology from the University of Cincinnati in 1995. He has been an adjunct instructor in the Department of Geological, Environmental, and Marine Sciences (GEMS) since 1999. Randy has over 26 years of professional experience in the environmental consulting and land development fields.

Danielle Schmitt
Adjunct Instructor

Ms. Danielle Schmitt is the Academic Laboratory Manager in the Department of Geosciences at Princeton University. She received her M.S. degree in geology from Western Michigan University in 1999 and currently holds the rank of Adjunct Instructor. At Princeton, her present focus is on the development of laboratory activities, experiments, and field trips for introductory-level college courses related to the ocean and the atmosphere. In addition, she leads education and outreach workshops for K-12 teachers.

Maryfaith Chimera
GEMS Administrative Specialist
Science 324

Maryfaith Chimera ’08 has been employed at Rider University since August 1997. During her time at Rider she has acquired a very diverse work experience by supporting offices in many divisions across campus. Each and every experience has added to her appreciation of the University and it’s offerings. Maryfaith earned a Rider BA in Liberal Studies with a Humanities Concentration and a Psychology Minor in 2008.