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In June 2015, Dr. Jacobs ran into Nina Joffe (Rider '12, Environmental Science) on a short trip to the NSF. Turns out she was spending the summer in Arlington, VA as an NSF Science Policy fellow. Nina is currently a graduate student in Developmental Biology at New Mexico State University.
At the 2015 National Organic Symposium at the University of Maryland in June, Dr. Jacobs made sure she met up with her former research student, Steve Murkli (Rider '14, Biology) who had just started graduate research in Chemistry.

Dr. Grushow and Dr Jacobs ran into tons of recent and not-so-recent alumni at the Fall 2015 National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Boston. Brandon Enalls (Rider '15, Biochemistry) had just graduated and moved to Cambridge in early August to start his graduate program in Organismic & Evolutionary Biology at Harvard. Chelsey Del Grosso (Rider '11, Chemistry) gave an oral presentation on her graduate research with Dr. Jonathan Wilker at Purdue University. And Dr. Jacobs found Mike Elbaum (Rider '10, Chemistry) taking a few hours away from his lab at Novartis (Cambridge) to catch up on the latest trends in chemistry.