Jade Bing ’13 (Biochemistry) named the sole recipient of the 2012 ACS Women’s Chemists Committee Overcoming Challenges award.  She accepted her award at the 244th Annual National ACS Conference in Philadelphia where she gave a speech and presented her undergraduate research. 

Jade Bing '13 (Biochemistry) to receive the 2012 Association for Equality & Excellence in Education (AEEE) Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Scholarship, at the 35th Annual AEEE Conference in Puerto Rico on May 8th.

Jade Bing '13 (Biochemistry) awarded the Leadership Alliance SR-EIP scholarship to pursue research at Princeton University during Summer 2012.

Paul Ghattas '12 (Chemistry) will attend Penn State University for Medical School

Jim Hodges '12 (Chemistry) will attend Penn State University to begin a Ph.D. program in Materials Chemistry

Jade Bing '13 (Biochemistry) selected as 2012 Society of Toxicology Undergraduate Scholar and attends SOT National Meeting in San Francisco

Dr. Suniti Karunatilake joins the department as Assistant Professor I of Physics

Paul Ghattas ’12, Jim Hodges ’12, Zach Orr ’12 (all Chemistry) and Jim Birkenstamm ’14, Chris James ’14and Dan Pace ’13 (all Biochemistry) to present their scholarly research at the 243rd ACS National Meeting in San Diego

Jade Bing ’13 (Biochemistry) presents her independent research project at the Spring 2012 Oklahoma State University Research Symposium & Scholar Conference 

 Dr. Alex Grushow promoted to Full Professor

Jade Bing ’13 (Biochemistry) accepted into the Ronald E. McNair Program

Lauren Musumeci ’11, Chelsey Del Grosso’11, Claudia Ely ’11, and Paul Ghattas’12 (Chemistry) all present their independent research at the 2011 Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society (MARM) in College Park, MD

Chelsey Del Grosso '11 (Chemistry) will attend Purdue University to begin a Ph.D. program in Inorganic Chemistry

Michael Elbaum (Post-Graduate) will attend University of Delaware to begin a Ph.D. program in Organic Chemistry

Paul Ghattas '12 (Chemistry) awarded NSF-REU Fellowship at Penn State University

Lauren Musumeci '11 (Chemistry) will attend Cornell University for a Masters degree in Food Chemistry

Eleanor Ojinnaka named 2011 ACS scholar; received a 2010 Project SEED scholarship

Dr. Bryan Spiegelberg and Dr. Danielle Jacobs promoted to Assistant Professor II