Internships & Fellowships

We find that students who have a taste for industrial science become even more motivated in the classroom. Our close relationship with many local industrial chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories has provided myriad opportunities for internships, and quite often immediate employment upon graduation.  

Internships can take two forms:

  1. An internship for college credit through the university (BCH or CHE-491)
    The internship is a supervised research experience in an approved organization where qualified students gain real-world knowledge and utilize their academic training in a professional environment. Placement may be in private, public, non-profit or governmental organizations under the guidance of a mentor. The mentor and student will have regular consultation with the departmental internship coordinator to assess the student’s progress. Normally, 50 hours of internship per credit is required. The grade for the course will be determined by the students’ overall performance in their research work, a research paper documenting their work with their internship mentor and an oral or poster presentation at the end of the semester. Prerequisite: 2.5 GPA and permission of the instructor.

    To obtain college credit for an internship, students register for either BCH-491 (Internship in Biochemistry) or CHE-491 (Internship in Chemistry).  Students intern in places such as the New Jersey State Crime Lab, Headwaters, Inc., and Exxon Mobil. This course has a variable credit assignment of up to 3 credits per semester dependent upon the amount of contact time.  To enroll in BCH-491 or CHE-491, contact Dr. Alex Grushow.
  2. A paid internship through an individual company
    The second type of internship is a direct internship with a particular company. These take two forms: summer internships and part-time internships during the semester. Local industrial laboratories such as Merck, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Medical Diagnostic Laboratories and Headwaters Inc., run summer internship programs for which students can apply early in the spring semester. Each summer many of our students readily find internship positions that pay reasonable wages and provide an invaluable experience. Highly motivated and skilled students from our programs are often asked to stay on in their position at the company on a part-time basis during the semester. We strongly encourage this for students who are able to continue in these positions during the semester and manage a full course load in excellent academic standing.

Students in our department are often granted fellowships to perform research in renowned academic laboratories at PhD-granting institutions.  Such fellowships not only afford students the opportunity to work on a relevant research project alongside the nation’s best chemists and their research staff, but further give undergraduates a taste of graduate school before committing to it blindly.  To explore a list of paid fellowship opportunities, email Dr. Bryan Spiegelberg to be included in the Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Physics Canvas organization.