Biochemistry Major (71 semester hours)

Biology 16
BIO 115 Principles of Biology: Evolution, Diversity, and Biology of Animals 4
BIO 116 Principles of Biology: Evolution, Diversity, and Biology of Plants 4
BIO 117 Principles of Biology: Evolution, Diversity, and Biology Cells 4
BIO 265 Genetics 4
General Chemistry 34
CHE 120 Principles of Chemistry 3
CHE 121 Principles of Chemistry Lab 1
CHE 122 Introduction to Chemical Systems 3
CHE 123 Quantitative Methods Lab 1
CHE 211 Organic Chemistry I 4
CHE 214 Organic Chemistry II 4
CHE 250 Quantitative Analysis and Statistical Methods 4
CHE 305 Physical Chemistry I 3
BCH 325 Biochemistry I 3
BCH 326 Biochemisty I Lab 1
BCH 330 Biochemistry II 3
BCH 331 Biochemistry II Lab 1
BCH 490 Independent Research and Study 3
Mathematics 8
MTH 210 Calculus I 4
MTH 211 Calculus II 4
Physics 8
PHY 200 General Physics I 4
PHY 201 General Physics II 4
Upper Level Electives
Five credits of upper-level courses at the 300-level or above in either BCH, CHE, BNS or BIO (excluding extra credits in Independent Research and Study). At least two of the five credits must be connected to laboratory courses.

Students wishing an ACS certified degree in Biochemistry must take CHE-315 Inorganic Chemistry and either CHE-316 Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory or CHE-325 Physical Chemistry Laboratory and two more credits of chemistry lab courses. Students may elect to take up to eight additional credit hours of Independent Research and Study.