Psychology 491 Internship

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PSY-491 Internship

Internships in local institutions and agencies are available during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters under the course titled Internship in Psychology (PSY-491). If you are interested in taking this course, early consultation with Dr. Thomas-Cottingham will serve several purposes:

  • (a) you will learn of the available placements and their requirements,
  • (b) Dr. Thomas-Cottingham will be aware of your special interests, and
  • (c) you will have sufficient time to take courses to prepare for a particular type of field experience.

See a recent list of agencies that have recently provided placements for our students. Placements in other settings may be arranged with Dr. Thomas-Cottingham.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many hours are required?
A: The number of required hours depends on the number of credits. For each credit, 35 hours is required. Therefore, if you are registered for three credits, you must complete 105 on-site hours. If you are registered for four credits, you must complete 140 on-site hours.

Q: How many credits are required to fulfill the capstone requirement?
A: You must take the course for either three or four hours to fulfill the capstone requirement.

Q: Am I required to attend the weekly supervision meetings?
A: Yes, the weekly supervision meetings are an important part of the course. During these meetings, student share their internship experiences, discuss assigned textbook readings and conduct end-of-the-semester presentations.

Q: Can I receive payment for my internship?
A: No, psychology internships are unpaid.

Q: I have the list of current placements. Must I select an internship from this list?
A: No, you may choose an internship off the list. The purpose of this list is to generate ideas at the beginning of the internship selection process.

Q: I don’t have a resume, will I need one?
A: Possibly, some internships will conduct a formal interview process (including an in-person interview), while others will not. If you don’t have a resume, you should create one. You may consult with Rider’s office of Career Services for Assistance

Q: What forms are necessary for registration?
A: There are three forms that are required for registration.  An internship form (yellow), a permission of instructor form (blue) and an add/drop form (white). All three forms may be obtained from the psychology office in Science, room 319.

Q: Who signs the forms?
A: For day students, forms need to be signed in the following order: Dr. Thomas-Cottingham (SCI 322D), Dr. Law, department chair (SCI 319), Terri Marriott (FA 207A). After obtaining Ms. Marriott’s signature, take the forms to the Registrar’s Office (first floor of Fine Arts, FA 117). CCS students will obtain signatures from Angela Walker (BLC), rather than Terri Marriott.

Q: When is the course offered?
A: The internship course is offered during the fall and spring semesters and during the first summer session.

Q: Who do I contact for information about the course?
A: Dr. Alison Thomas-Cottingham currently serves as the internship supervisor. You may contact her at [email protected]