What are the requirements for a minor in Multicultural Studies?
Start by enrolling in the Multicultural Studies Program’s introductory course, MCS-110, Race, Class, and Gender in Contemporary American Society. Choose a themed or thread within Multicultural Studies that fits your particular interests. Explore your theme by taking six additional courses (MCS 220 and five electives) related to your particular theme.

How can I decide what my theme is?
Meet with the Director of the Multicultural Studies Program to discuss your interests and goals. Together you will soon identify your theme. Then, each semester meet with the Director during course selection period to review your plans and choose courses for the next semester.

Requirements for the Minor (21 semester hours)

Multicultural Studies
MCS-110 Race, Class, and Gender in Contemporary American Society 3
MCS-220 Issues in Multicultural Studies 3
Five courses from the following three groups, chosen in consultation with the director 15
Multicultural Studies
MCS-280 Directed Readings in Multicultural Studies  
MCS-491 Internship in Multicultural Studies  
Electives Emphasizing Multiculturalism within the United States
AMS-210 Growing Up American  
AMS-212 American Ethnic Groups: Irish, Jewish, and Italian Americans  
AMS-227 The Philosophy of Martin Luther King, Jr.  
AMS-228 Studies in American Jewish Culture  
COM-252 Intercultural Communication  
ENG-228 Black American Literature  
ENG-229 Multi-Ethnic Literature in America  
HIS-201 African American History  
HIS-307 The Immigrant in American Life  
MGT-320 Managing Workforce Diversity  
POL-235 Race and Ethnicity in American Politics  
PSY-373 Psychology and the Holocaust  
SOC-207 Racial and Ethnic Relations  
SOC-272 Indians of North America  
Electives Providing Background and Context
HIS-281 The Modern Middle East  
HIS-283 Modern Latin America  
HIS-284 Caribbean History  
HIS-286 Modern East Asia  
HIS-287 China in Revolution  
HIS-288 African History  
HIS-339 Women in East Asia  
PHL-207 Oriental Philosophy  
POL-320 Politics of the Middle East  
SOC-270 Africa  
SPA-311 Latin-American/Latino Culture  
SPA-325 Introduction to Latin American Literature  
SPA-426 Modern Latin American Narrative