Law and Justice Minor: Legal Studies

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The Legal Studies Concentration is a minor offered by the Law and Justice Program.This innovative program provides students with in-depth knowledge and understanding of laws, legal institutions and processes and their relationships to social, moral, political, and economic issues.

This minor enables students to focus their course of study around their specific career goals and can be combined with any major program.Students with a wide range of career interests in law, business, social policy, social work, and victim advocacy, will benefit from learning to approach law from diverse disciplinary perspectives. As recommended for pre-law study by the Association of American Law Schools, this minor provides a broad based disciplinary and skills enhancing curriculum ideal for those considering legal careers.

Law and Justice Minor with a Legal Studies Concentration

Requirements for the Legal Studies Concentration (21 semester hours)*

Category I**: Multi-Disciplinary Approaches to Law
At least three courses from the following: 9–15
Baccalaureate Honors
BHP-209 Honors Seminar: Law and the Arts  
BHP-211 Honors Seminar: Theories of Justice and the American Common Law  
BHP-322 Honors Seminar: The Guilty and the Innocent: Assessing Blame and Determining Punishment in Literature and Law  
COM-301 Communication Law  
HIS-301 Constitutional History of the United States  
Law and Justice
LAW-140 Introductory Seminar in Law and Justice  
LAW-150 Introduction to Forensics  
LAW-204 Law, Literature, and Film in America (LAW 204 also satisfies a Literature Core Requirement)  
LAW-210 Criminal Investigation  
LAW-302 Crime and Justice in the Media (Formerly LAW-405)  
LAW-304 Women and Law  
LAW-305 Trial Advocacy  
LAW-307 Criminal Justice Practice (Formerly LAW-207)  
LAW-308 Conflict and Conflict Resolution  
LAW-310 Cyberspace Law and Policy  
LAW-355 Sports and the Law  
LAW-365 Rights of the Accused  
LAW-395 Selected Topics in Law and Justice  
LAW-401 Hate Crimes in the United States  
LAW-490 Law and Justice Independent Study  
LAW-491 Law and Justice Internship  
LAW-496 Law and Justice Honors Thesis  
Legal Studies
BUS-210 Introduction to Law: Contracts  
BUS-211 Commercial Law (Pre-requisite: BUS-210)  
BUS-214 Advanced Business Law (Pre-requisite: BUS-210)  
BUS-300 Social and Legal Environment of Business (Pre-requisite: Junior or Senior Standing)  
BUS-315 Health Care Law, Ethics, and Policy (Pre-requisite: Junior or Senior Standing)  
BUS-444 Selected Topics in Business Policy and Environment (Pre-requisite: To be determined by instructor)  
Human Resource Management
HRM-313 Legal Aspects of Human Resource Management (Pre-requisite: MGT-310)  
PHL-303 Philosophy of Law  
Political Science
POL-260 Politics of Law and Order  
POL-300 U.S. Constitutional Law  
POL-301 Civil Liberties in the United States  
PSY-279 Psychology and Law (Pre-requisite: PSY 100)  
SOC-219 Introduction to Criminal Justice: Police, Courts and Corrections  
SOC-246 Drugs, Crime and American Society  
SOC-313 Gender & Criminal Justice  
SOC-317 Law and Lawyers  
SOC-319 White Collar & Corporate Crime  
SOC-321 Punishment and Corrections  
SOC-342 Police and American Society    
SOC-343 Policing and Counter Terrorism   
SOC-345 Race and Crime  
*Pre-requisite: SOC-101.  
Category II: Law-Related Courses
A maximum of two courses from the following:
Note: Students may take up to six additional credits from Category I instead of Category II.
COM-251 Interpersonal Communication  
COM-252 Intercultural Communication  
COM-302 Communication Ethics  
COM-322 Argumentation and Debate (Pre-requisite: COM-104 or COM-290)  
Human Resource Management
HRM-312 Introduction to Labor Relations (Pre-requisite: MGT-310)  
PHL-115 Ethics  
PHL-202 Social Philosophy  
PHL-203 Business Ethics  
PHL-360 Contemporary Ethics  
Political Science
POL-326 Power in American Politics  
POL-327 Contemporary Issues in American Public Policy  
POL-361 The Judicial Process  
SOC-206 Theories of Deviance and Crime [Formerly Deviance and Crime]  
SOC-216 Youth and Crime  
SOC-340 Power and Politics  
SOC-242 Police and American Society  
SOC-243 Policing and Counter Terrorism  
SOC-350 Social Policy  
*Pre-requisite: SOC-101.  
Category III: Theory/Application
One course from the following: 3
LAW-305 Trial Advocacy  
LAW-307 Criminal Justice Practice [Formerly LAW-207]  
LAW-308 Conflict and Conflict Resolution  
LAW-490 Law and Justice Independent Study  
LAW-491 Law and Justice Internship  
LAW-496 Law and Justice Honors Thesis  
Category IV
LAW-450 Law and Justice Senior Seminar (Required for all seniors in the minor) 3

**No more than three courses from the same department may be counted toward the minor.

†These courses may count toward Category III only with the permission of the director of the program.

††No LAW course may be used more than once to fulfill minor requirements.