Career Development

The study of a foreign language is crucial, both for opportunities within the international branches of public and private sector employers, as well as businesses which deal with foreign customers and immigrant groups within the United States. Many of our graduates were hired on the strength of their foreign language expertise and the breadth of the international dimension of their education.

Many of our Foreign Language majors have also chosen to pursue graduate or advanced professional degrees in foreign languages and literatures, translation and interpreting, international business, and law. They have attended such institutions as the University of California-Irvine, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Rutgers University, Georgetown University, the University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins University, the University of Delaware, Middlebury College, L’Université de Franche-Comté (France), and the Instituto Sampere (Spain). Several students have distinguished themselves with Fulbright teaching assistantships in Europe, teaching assistantships through the French Consulate Assistants d’anglais program, and with internships like the Congress-Bundestag Exchange Program for Young Professionals.

Students who study a foreign language may choose a career in:

  • Communications (international news, translation, film production, editing, university presses, international advertising, world wide web production)
  • Business (global business, U.S. representatives for foreign companies, international banking and finance, import/export, international law)
  • Government Service (Peace Corps, diplomatic corps, interpreting and translating, U.S. Postal Service, U.S. Customs, U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, F.B.I, military translation)
  • Social Service (public health services, multilingual legal services)
  • Information Services (translation of documents for private and public libraries, research librarian, library acquisition specialists)
  • Education (teaching, textbook authoring and editing)
  • Science (scientific research and translation, museum studies, hospital management, health agencies and pharmaceutical companies, World Health Organization)
  • Travel Services (hotel and resort staff and management, restaurant staff and management, travel agencies, airport and airline personnel, foreign travel advisors, tour guide)

The Career Services Office supplies career advice and planning, assistance in finding employment, help in finding the right graduate school, and internships.